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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ending Endometrin

The doctors assistant called me today and it looks like I'll get to stop taking Endometrin very soon.

I was given 2 options, either start the progesterone oil shots now, or come in for bloodwork tomorrow to determine if I even need progesterone supplements at all.  They said if my progesterone level is above 20, there's no point in me taking anything.

Well duh, I want to know what my bloodwork says!  I think it's rather ridiculous that they just have you on the supplements without ever checking to see if you need them or not.  Extra medications can't be good for your body if your body doesn't need them, and it's certainly not good for the wallet.  I'm rather amazed that I'm almost 8 weeks into this pregnancy, with bleeding complaints, and twins, and no one has checked the level of this vital pregnancy hormone.

If my progesterone level turns out to be really high, I'll probably taper off the endometrin.  2 a day for a couple of days, then 1 a day, and then none.  The last thing I want to do is shock my body in any way by suddenly stopping a supplement.  If I do still need something, I'll probably taper down the endometrin while starting the shots.  Give my body a couple of days to get the progesterone fully into my system with the shots before fully stopping the suppositories.

Grrrr.  In 2 weeks I see my OB again and hopefully graduate to his care.  I just hate feeling processed by this clinic all the time.


  1. I can't believe they haven't checked your progesterone levels. Gah! I was supposed to be dropped down to the goop today, but the *beeping* pharmacy said it needed confirmation from my doctor why I needed the stuff. So...injections in my very sore bottom until the agree that I need it. Jerks.

    If it turns out you want/need the injections, I have two unopened vials I can send you.

  2. Around here I swear it seems quite typical that once you get pregnant they forget all about the blood work aspect. I hope you can quit the endometrin altogether soon.

  3. That really is bizarre. My RE checks my P4 7DPIUI and then, when I got the BFP, he checked it with each of my 3 weekly betas. Mine will actually keep me on PIO well past 11 weeks next time, at least that was his plan, because of all my bleeding during my last pregnancy. I get mine mixed at a compounding pharmacy b/c that's the only place I can get cottonseed oil instead of sesame (I was allergic to the sesame), so it costs about $65/mo. and I was more than happy to pay that if it offered protection for my pregnancy.


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