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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I finally got around to making Frango pie.  You guys know, that massively rich dessert that I've been looking forward to for months?  Yeaaaaah, that one.

So I made it today knowing that K would be exhausted when he got home from work and could use a treat.  There was so much filling that there was enough for 2 clear glasses to serve as a chocolate mousse.

Tonight, we dug into the mousse servings while watching Survivor.

Then, about halfway through my serving (no one can eat a full serving of this stuff, it's just not possible), it dawns on me, this has raw eggs in it.  And at no point in the making of Frango Pie do the eggs ever go through the cooking process.  Shit, I just ate raw eggs.  And I can't have any more of this massive, rich, delicious pie that I made.

I'm sad I can't have anymore.  I haven't had this in years and I've really been looking forward to it.  And now, that pie is gonna be cut up and left in the breakroom at K's work for his coworkers to enjoy tomorrow.

But the big thing, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!  I'm practically convinced that I just poisoned my babies with a couple of bites that included some raw egg.  SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!  Frak.  And this after going through everything in the medicine cabinet labeling it pregnancy safe or not.  And what do I do?  I make a salmonella pie.  I'm an idiot!


  1. Ha... love the expression 'salmonella pie'. Well, it's done now, and just think of all times we eat stuff with raw eggs and DON'T get sick! Odds are you and the bump(s?) are doing great!

  2. A couple of weeks ago I had a huge craving for hot dogs. So I carefully researched my options and selected nitrate-free hot dogs, dutifully popped them in the microwave to overcook the snot out of them... and then licked the raw hotdog juice off my fingers before I realized what I was doing. I freaked out too. Fortunately, those hot dogs turned out to not be ridden with listeria. Funny how food poisoning never crosses our minds until we're pregnant, and suddenly it's lurking everywhere.


  3. Were these white, pasterized eggs from the super market? If so, the pasterization process probably took care of any salmonella in them.
    Just an FYI.

  4. Don't stress too much over it. Its not like you ate liver pate' like I did. Ugh! The things we do without ever thinking because we don't realize even after doing licking our fingers coated with hot dog juice. Just make sure you don't keep eating it is all.

  5. What? You mean the freaking out doesn't end when you pee on a stick and find out you're pregnant!!!!????


    We are DaMaGeD LuNaTiCs...pace yourself it's going to be a long freaking out filled journey :)

  6. Oh, Sweetie! I'm sorry your craving for Frango Pie will have to wait until after you give birth. What a huge bummer...but the reason(s) are so well worth it! I agree with Divapixie, the eggs you used are probably pasturized so low risk. Regardless, remember that very little crosses the placenta this early in pregnancy(which is still developing), so regardless, I'm sure you and your bean(s) will be fine.

  7. Your "samonella pie" would go nicely with the "salmonella turkey" my MIL may be serving for Thanksgiving dinner. She admitted that when she lost power for 3 days a few months ago, it had "only" thawed about an inch into it so she refroze it. I KNOW that will be the turkey we eat this year. I had an FET yesterday and if I am lucky enough for it to stick I will have to find a way to avoid the turkey this year! Maybe I should get your recipe? LOL

  8. I second Amy's comment. My guess is that there is low risk, and it is early enough into the pregnancy that the embryo(s) are still relying on nourishment from the "yolk" part of the egg...

    I also think about all those french women consuming non-pasteurized milk and cream and they have babies!

  9. Howdy - I am a fellow IVFer who is due in July 2012. My journey has not yet, and hopefully never will, be filled with as many challenges as yours, but I can definitely relate to many of your feelings and stories. And I'm a fat geek too - hooray for fat geeks! I just finished reading your archives and am really hoping that we both come in to the finish line together with healthy babies in 7 or so months (maybe a little less with your twinnies, but I'm having a singleton!). Anyway . . . Just wanted to say 'hi' and briefly introduce myself. See you on the boards!


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