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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bloggin 'Bout Da Boobies

My boobies are starting to fascinate me.

They've decided that they want to be round now and about a half cup bigger.  If they were generally bigger and rounder, I might actually get some cleavage.  While they've got some impressive mass to them (I am a fat girl after all), all that mass is kind of far apart so a cleavage line takes quite a bit of leaning forward, like on my hands and knees, or a roll of duct tape.  But no.  My boobs have decided to add all of their extra side and roundness to the outside of the boob, giving them the appearance of being even farther apart and they're trying to take up residence in my armpits.

They've also decided to get this weird feeling as if there are needles dancing inside of them.

I've got a little bit of soreness, but nothing that makes me truly wince.

K is both loving and really hating this change.  He's loving that I come up to him, lift my shirt, and ask "are these bigger than yesterday?  No really, put your hand there, they aren't usually that round are they?"  But he's kind of hating that because we're abstaining and because they're a little sore, he can't do a damned thing with said boobies.  He inspects visually, double checks size and shape with his hands, and then he has to go back to video games on the computer.

Yeah, I'm a bitch.



  1. lol poor K. I remember uber soreness being my main symptom lol. When's your u/s scheduled for?

  2. Bwa ha ha ha! You're such a tease! :) Your husband must be far more observant than mine. I don't think he would notice any changes in the girls until I get to 36 weeks or something. Then he'll say "I think they got a little bigger". He wouldn't mind me flashing him and asking him to cop a feel though, I'm sure, but since he can't answer my questions he can forget about it ;)

    I'm exactly a week behind you at 4w6d. I thought you were more ahead of me than that...but obviously not. When is your ultrasound???

  3. Ah, yes, I remember those days well. My hubby was totally fascinated and in awe of my ever-changing roundness. Unfortunately, he never got to partake, either, due to all the pains and "off-limits" and stuff. :)

  4. Poor K. Yup I did the same to J. Mine swelled right up after the transfer. Its crazy how big they got and they weren't exactly small before! Got to love the hormones.

  5. Oww. I'm also in the same situation the same, and it's kinda crazy. But I love the change. I just hope they won't sag and would still look fabulous, even when I turn 60! Haha!

  6. Ooh, ouch for your husband. Video games are not a decent alternative for him, I think. XD

    Seriously, the soreness is no fun. It's not something that goes away easily since the source is attached to your body every day. It's a matter of patience - for you and your husband.


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