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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks guys

I really appreciate all of you showing your support after I got a sucky comment.  I want to personally thank all of you who have come out of the lurking woodwork to say hi, to let me know that you're here, and to offer your well-wishes for my current pregnancy.  It's so nice to meet all the new names, and I hope you'll stay delurked!

It feels really weird to say I'm pregnant, current pregnancy, etc etc.  I'm not even five weeks along until tomorrow so it just still seems so tentative.  I almost feel like I ain't got no pregnancy cred until I reach 10 weeks or something.  Until then, I'm not really, really pregnant, I'm just kinda sorta maybe pregnant.

Except that my sleep habits are totally different, my taste buds started to shift today (white mochas are becoming gross again), my abdomen is just panging here and squeezing there from time to time, my nose is completely full so I'm sneezing, my back hurts, and I'm now likely to fall asleep if I sit on the couch too long.

Oh yeah, and the great abstinence experience as begun.  I've mentioned this before, but here's what's up for those who are unaware.

During my last pregnancy, every orgasm lead to extremely painful cramps.  To the point that I pretty much lost all my mojo.  It's hard to want to get to the sexual finish line when you're going to be kicked in the gut immediately after crossing it.  And we lost the last pregnancy due to infection.  So even though we're pretty sure we would be told it's ok, neither K nor I can feel good about having a second persons germs anywhere near my general panty area.  So the intention of the next 9 months (plus birthing recovery time) is to keep my panties on regardless of what activities we may wish to engage in.

I'm usually a zero libido kind of gal so this didn't bother me at all.  But now that we're there, now that we're abstaining........methinks we may need to revisit this idea cuz it's not sitting as well with me that I expected it to.

*sigh*  I think I'll go chew some ice or something.


  1. I so hear you! When I was pregnant w my twins, everything was so incredibly sensitive, and not in a good way. Even the lightest touch felt painful. Who wants to do something that hurts? I figured that my body was telling me something.

    I understand your fear, but your chances of suffering a similar infection are incredibly rare. (thank G-d!) No one would blame you for putting yourself in a bubble for the next 8 months, though.

  2. Did you know that marriage counselors "forbid" sex for couples who are having difficulty getting in the mood. It appears NOT being able to have sex makes the libido rise....not many couples abstain the entire time before their next counseling session (just like the counselor intended)

  3. You're welcome! I had no interest in sex after we learned we were pg, and then between the abruption with Aliya and then the daily spotting/bleeding after, I was on pelvic rest the remainder of my pregnancy. I think we've only done it maybe 5 times since our loss in August. It's just hard, emotionally, physically, etc. I'm with you, given infection is part of my loss story, I want nothing foreign near my girl bits when I'm pg (although my RE/OB requires the man to wear a condom for sex during pg anyway b/c of the prostaglandins/preterm labor link).

  4. Condoms are a good idea, just hope you don't have a latex allergy as that could make things a bit tricky.

  5. I just got my first shitty comment too...yelling at me to support the Duggars because as women it's our duty to have children. Don't get me started on that...


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