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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

12dp5dt beta number

Today was a big day for me.  I really wanted a certain number to come up because it would give me more hope that twins were a reasonable possibility.

Let's review.  In my twin pregnancy, my numbers look like this:

9dp5dt = 266
11dp5dt = 600 something
13dp5dt = 1500 something

Unfortunately, I had some commitments yesterday so I wasn't able to get a blood draw and really look apples to apples at the numbers.  So, kind of figuring out the math, I kind of figured that 12dp5dt should be somewhere around 1,000 to be consistent with last time.  So for direct comparison, here are the numbers so far for this pregnancy:

9dp5dt = 265
12dp5dt = 1038

Gee, that's pretty much EXACTLY in line with my twins, no?

And now I enter another 2ww where I simply have to trust that things are going as they are supposed to be going.  No more official updates until my 7 week ultrasound.  I really wish I could keep getting betas, or get ultrasounds earlier, just SOMETHING to check in with how things are going every couple of days.

My 7 week day actually falls on Thanksgiving and it's no surprise that they don't do anything at the clinic that is not absolutely necessary to do that day.  So I will be getting my ultrasound the day before Thanksgiving.  I thought that was awesome but as I'm writing this, I'm reconsidering.  Of course I'm hoping that I'll see 2 heartbeats and thus have wonderful news to share at Thanksgiving dinner.

But now that I'm realizing how arrogant that thinking was (of course it will be great news to share!), it now occurs to me that it might mean I have devastating news that could ruin the holiday.  What if there are no heartbeats?  I sure ruined Christmas last year, am I going to ruin Thanksgiving this year?  Holidays are not my friends.

For the moment, I've got exactly what I want.  Please, please, please, let me continue to be able to say that for the next 8 months!


  1. I'm keeping hope that it will turn out okay for you.

  2. Wow, Alex! This is so exciting! Will they not let you have as many betas as you want? It's your money, after all, right? My RE only does betas every 7 twin betas were 227 (14dpiui), 3800 (21dpiui) & 56,000 (28dpiui). DH wants to tell the world the next time we see/hear heartbeats (which was at 7 wks for us, too), but I felt punished when I had a placental abruption the day after we told (even though it healed). Ideally, I'd love to not tell anyone until the week before I deliver, but I know that's not realistic. :D

  3. two weeks and a bit hmm, I'll be thinking of you. glad there's great news though :)

    on a side note, I hate that canadian drs. dont give as many u/s's. my ONE AND ONLY (if I hadn't miscarried) would have been 20 weeks...

  4. I still think that the 2ww between getting a BFP and getting an ultrasound is the hardest :)

    I hope like crazy that you have great news to share, and that the great news just keeps on coming!

  5. Please don't be disappointed if you only see one heartbeat. I had very very strong betas prior to the ultrasound (566 at 10dp5dt, 1200+ at 12dp5dt) and was sure I had twins in there. I did not - and when they said we had one, I felt a bit disappointed. I regret that to this day - because OMG how happy am I to finally have a baby?!?!?! I wish I'd gone in with expectations of just one healthy baby. Afterall, singleton pregnancies are way easier than twin pregnancies and now that I have one, I wonder what in the world I was thinking wanting twins. I have seen too many twin pregnancies go wrong - and because of that, hope to God that the next one for me is a singleton too!


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