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Monday, November 14, 2011

More random things

My lists on the Day of a Dozen Things got long so I cut it off there and figured I'd do my pregnancy updates and interactive stuff in a new post.

KM gave us 2 really awesome shelving unit thingies.  This is one of them -

I love shelving things like this that kind of work as functional wall art.  We have some smaller versions of this kind of thing over our bed replacing the need for a headboard.  While this picture doesn't so it, part of it is painted in the same yellow as the nursery.  I'm thinking that they would actually go really well in the nursery, especially if we have 2 kids in there.  One to store each kids individual things.  Of course, we can't put them up until we know what furniture is going to go in there and how it's going to be arranged, so it looks like we have more things to generally pile in that room for the time being.

Random pregnancy notes:

Waking up starving every day.  Who am I kidding, I'm starving all the friggin time.  In fact, I'm gonna go make me a sammitch before finishing this!

Endometrin is evil.  It just is.  Every day I feel like I'm having my period a few hours after putting this stuff in because it just kind of melts back out of you.  And that of course hits my panic button sending me to the bathroom to double check that it is in fact endometrin goo and not something with color to it.  This also means I'm going through packages of pantyliners like crazy.  I insist on changing them every time I pee (every hour or two) because the only thing we can figure from the miscarriage is that perhaps the pads that I was wearing due to incontinence weren't getting changed often enough and that lead to bad things.

My upper back hurts just about every evening.  Probably because I've been doing a lot of pottery for my boss.  But also possibly because I can't seem to get comfortable at night.  That's probably not a pregnancy thing since I'm waaaaayyyyyy too early for comfort issues, but I sometimes just go through a few weeks where I can't seem to get comfortable at night.

Getting the occasional pinch the abdomen.  Usually when I stand up after sitting for a while and it gets mad at me for not stretching it slowly.

The taste buds are starting to change.  This is both a good thing, and a frustrating thing.  Last time, it forced me to eat really healthy.  But it also means that I have no idea what to grab from the fridge because I don't know if it's going to taste the way I expect it to taste.  My usual grande 3-pump white chocolate mocha has been changed to a 2-pump (in other words, half the amount of syrup that's supposed to be in it) because otherwise it's way too sweet and oily.

My flabby fat tummy has a firmness, like a firm bag underneath a layer of floppy fat.

My two younger kitties have been sitting on my belly like it's their responsibility to try to hatch this egg for me.  And just for the hell of it, and because I think they're so damned cute, here's a reminder of who those particular kitties are.

Jipsee, the mini kitty, and her tongue
Mayday in one of his favorite poses

In general, I'm in a better mood than usual.  I'm still tired and kind of unmotivated to do stuff, but when a good song comes on the radio, I'm starting to dance a bit while lip syncing.  This is not normal Alex behavior by the way.

I just really want time to go by a lot quicker.  So many people on the miscarriage boards talk about how they lost their baby in the 5th and 6th weeks, I just really want to get passed those already.  Especially since I'll be seeing just how many heartbeats I've got beating in here the day before week 7.

And now for the interactive part of this blog post.  2 things.

First - does anyone have any use for mini dv tapes?  I have probably about 100 of them that I've used once but because clients really prefer that you pull out a brand new one when filming them, I'll probably not have the chance to use them again.  I've blacked them so there's no actual footage on them.  If anyone out there has a camera that takes mini-dv tapes, I'll sell you as many as you want for 50 cents a piece plus shipping.

Second - I'm thinking of redoing how I do pottery.  In the past, I've just made whatever I felt like making and sold the results.  I'm thinking now of narrowing it down to about 4 shapes, offer each shape in 2 sizes.  Making a gross of them, leaving them unglazed and then people can request whatever glaze combinations they want when they order them.  It would take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

I'm thinking of setting up my own website for this kind of ordering and then all the random stuff I make, the one off items, I'll throw into my Artfire store as kind of my destash.  That would allow me to make things as I experiment with different glazes and new shapes but leaving my own website store nice and clean with the consistent product lines.

What do you guys think of this idea?  It would allow me to do a ton of throwing right now so that when I implemented it (around the time the baby(ies) born), a lot of the time consuming work would be done.  And please, tell me about your favorite coffee mug.  What's the glaze like, what's the shape, what's the size?  What makes that mug the one you reach for every morning?


  1. I like the storage shelf :)

    I think anything that will streamline your life and pottery is going to be a good idea.

  2. I like a mug, about 12 ounces, blue glaze, with a study handle and that can take a good thunk because I'm such a clutz. I do love the pee cup and it would be an awesome niche in your shop if you want to go that way.

  3. Ugh, progesterone suppositories suck. Why, given your history of infection, are they having you use Prometrin instead of progesterone-in-oil shots? I'll take me a hefty shot in the butt twice a day over a nasty suppository any day...especially since infection was part of my story, too.

  4. aw..the kitties are so cute- so much fluffy! My morning coffee cup is a latte mug, tall with a deep handle you can put your fist in. I got it at a flea market stand..super thick with a bluish glaze. I got it about 4 years ago and I'm very protective over it!

  5. fave mug: rounded shape to fit the hand, big enough handle to slip whole hand through it. Purple in color. Big enough to eat soup/ice cream/chai latte.

  6. My favorite mug is also big. Probably similar to MB, you could eat soup out of it. I like it because usually when I want a hot beverage, I want a "comfort" aspect, of curling up and sipping on it for a long time and not having to get up and refill every 5 minutes. That said, the one problem I DO have with my favorite mug is that because it's such a wide mouth, it cools off rather quickly so that my last 1/3 of the drink is cool/tepid. It has a green interior and a "Colorado" exterior, because Hubster got it for me as a gift while we were living in Fort Collins.

    I LOVE the idea of a regular website, I say go for it! You should do some "pet dishes". Metal dishes can make water taste funny, plastic can get germ-y, so pottery is the best way to go. I used to have this GREAT water bowl. It was really big (I have 3 dogs and a cat, I need a big bowl to last all day) and was black and blue and sadly it cracked and I have yet to replace it. Also, people could request custom names or something on the bowls for their pets... Just an idea.

    I still really want to get that mortar and pestle from you, it's just a matter of getting my first paycheck, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten!

  7. So much good going on!

    Beyond excited for you...


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