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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trigger day

We were expecting to trigger yesterday but the follicles were still a little small.  Went in for the ultrasound today and I've got about 15 that are ready to go with a couple more just slightly smaller.  Hopefully by the time I trigger in about 12 hours, those will be up to size as well.

Last time they got 19 eggs and 5 made it to final embryo stage.  We transferred 2 and froze 3.  We're hoping for similar numbers again.

And I might have to go to my husbands pet store to do the trigger shot because he's working the late shift tonight.  Since the shot is in my butt, I couldn't do it by myself even if I wanted to.  He's going to try to take an hour off so he can run home, do the shot, and go back to work but we'll see how well that plan works out.

I've got band-aids on the back of each hand because she couldn't get blood easily today.  Grrrrr.

Morning got here way too early today.

On a funny note, we've determined that my clinic has been playing Survivor.  We mentioned something about how their other office runs and the technician said "Yeah, we're on our own little island over here" to which my husband replied "and everyone keeps getting voted off."

Yup, right at the merge, my favorite nurse disappeared.  Recently, the woman who used to do the blood work disappeared, the financial aid person is also gone.  And now my doctor is leaving.  We liken him to the major power player who everyone eventually turns on a few votes after the merge.  The only one left is his right hand "man" which is my nurse.  Not sure how she's going to finagle her way into staying on that island.  I have to assume that her days are numbered as pretty much the last member of her original tribe.


  1. Yeah for trigger and a great follie count! It will kind of suck if you have to go to the pet store to get your trigger shot, but what a great story it makes? :)

    I love your Survivor analogy. It sucks for you if you need (or want) to go back to your clinic. Will you follow your doc? Or stay?

  2. Good luck, Alex! I've been trying to comment here for a few days but Blogger has been rude to me. You've been on my mind...

  3. Lucky you! I hope this works well for you Alex. I am sorry that I won't be seeing you there tomorrow when I do my retrieval. I have only five follicles and only two are large sized. Damn I hope this works for both of us.

  4. Do you at least get to compete in reward challenges? Because otherwise, it's a pretty pointless game. :-)
    Yay trigger! Crossing all fingers and toes!


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