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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Conversations with the Hubby

After another annoying trip to the bathroom to deal with Endometrin ickies, I had the following conversation with K.

Me:  Interesting IVF fun fact #83.  The size and shape of the endometrin splooge that lands in your underwear will never match the size and shape of the pad you have put in your underwear to catch said splooge.

K:  Thank you for that.  I'm ignoring you now.

And he actually followed that with something I haven't seen since high school -


  1. Oh no, he didn't. Talk to the hand? LMAO! :)

  2. LOL! I actually have to not tell my hubby all that stuff, b/c for some reason it just becomes one.more.scary.thing for him to worry about. (He didn't tell me how much that stuff freaked his already panicked mind out until after our loss. Now I know, and will be much choosier about what I share during our next pregnancy.)

  3. If men knew what we were dealing with (truly knew) they'd be horrified! LOL

  4. awesome!!

    splooge...ha ha what a funny word

  5. Wait, it that a D&D book in his lap? Is that a character sheet too? If so we do have to get our husbands together so they can play.

    Oh and yeah, mine has already gotten used to me saying something similar to him about my scientific approach to life and the inevitable, "hey you have to see this." at certain times.

  6. @Rebecca Yes and Yes. He's been invited to join a game recently and has been working on characters almost non-stop.

  7. At least he didn't hold up his hand to his forhead and make an "L" with his fingers lol!
    ~scenes from "Clueless" start drifting through my head~

    I don't always tell Hubster about all the scientific stuff, but I feel pretty confident that I can if I want to, and he will most likely join me in the childish "ew, gross!" that I'm hoping for when I tell those stories :)

  8. Oh, also, I just noticed your green mortar and pestle on the left side... ME WANT-Y!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had to tell you.

    Any chance I can order it, but pick it up in person a la no shipping charges? Of course AFTER you're in a place where you can throw pottery again!

  9. @BleedingTulip
    You can buy it from my shop ( and use the coupon code "localpickup" to get free shipping. I'll set it aside until we can do coffee again.

  10. Hahahaha.
    My husband wouldn't even humor me with a reply. He's too used to random cramp like that coming out of my mouth. :P


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