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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I learned today

Interesting day overall.

Started my morning with my suppression check.  They took me back to the first little room and asked me to step on the scale.  I said no.  I would not be weighing in today.  I have it in writing that I will not be weighed again during this cycle and that the medical director has cleared me to move forward since I weighed in at the baseline appointment.  A confused technician gave me one of those "oookaaaay"s and we moved on to the removing of the pants portion of the appointment.

My doctor comes in and is all sorts of chipper.  Congratulates me on the weight loss and yay we're moving forward.  Now, while he's a little douchy on the weight subject, overall, he's a good doctor.  So I ask if it's possible to see that he be the attending doctor during egg retrieval and transfer and he immediately says it's not gonna happen.  Then I get a whole litany of explanation about how it would throw everything into chaos if the doctors did a favor for one patient rather than following the schedule blah blah blah.  He's likely going to be the doctor on call for the transfer, but, ugh.  If this IVF and subsequent prepaid FET don't work, I'm never going back to this clinic again.  Now that my weight is down, my options are open for shopping around.

But the good news is that things are looking good and we're moving forward.  I'm going to need to order more gonal-f before this is all over though.

On a different subject - I talked to my health insurance about my acupuncture.  Now my understanding all along has been that I have no coverage.  So I've been paying out of pocket and submitted paperwork to get reimbursed through my FSA.  Well apparently, my acupuncture guy is in network with my health insurance.  He was supposed to be charging through the insurance and they would cover part of it and reimburse me for the other part through the FSA.  So now the health insurance people are going to talk to him and try to get the mess figured out.  It looks like I might be getting a big refund check from somewhere, somehow.... I dunno.  I told the health insurance person that I don't want to deal with it right now because I'm supposed to be keeping my stress level down and I already had a panic attack last night about money.  The two of them need to figure out what the hell we're supposed to be doing, how much money I'm owed back, how I'm going to get it, and what I'm supposed to do to pay for my treatments moving forward, but I'm not doing any of that legwork.  Just figure it out and report back to me.

This is me changing the subject again.

Dear Abby is a douche.  Her column today was the responses to the question put to mothers "if you had to do it over again, would you?"  Yeah.  She posted all sorts of letters about how rewarding parenting is, and of course the comments are people going off about how wonderful it is to raise children.

I made a comment.  It's already gotten a thumbs down from someone.  Do me a favor and give me a few thumbs up ok?  I'm AlexR and the article is here.  ***Ugh, yahoo has been screwing up the comments for Dear Abby all week.  Apparently my comment and about 50 others disappeared.  Who knows, they might be back when you read this***


  1. I went to the article but you're not on there... did someone delete your comment?!

  2. A douche is right. What kind of question is that? My MIL had 6 kids and she told me that I should never have any and that they suck the life out of you. Really, she said that. With my husband sitting right there! But I know what a crappy ass parent she is/was, so I took everything she said and filed it under "yeah, right, whatever bitch." Other than her, what parent is going to look back on their life and their children and say "That totally sucked, I woudln't do it again." ???

  3. stoopid yahoo. I didn't find your comment. :-(
    These "I wouldn't do it again" people just seem like crappy parents to me.
    I'm curious to know what your comment was!
    Stoopid. yahoo.

    And yay for getting this cycle started!

  4. I can't find your comment. What did you say?

  5. Good luck! I'm in the middle of shots right now for my first IVF.


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