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Saturday, October 29, 2011

4dp5dt stupid stuff

Currently 4dp5dt so I obviously have nothing really to report.

There's activity in my abdomen so I'm fairly certain I'm gonna have good news in a few days.  Can't really describe it.  It's not quite cramps and it's not very consistent in what it feels like.  This morning when I woke up, it was kind of a general ache in the whole lower, center area.  I'm getting little bands of tightness across the full abdomen.  And little, uhm, burning spots for lack of a better description.  The evening of transfer and the next morning I felt 2 very specific hard twinges so, ya know, here's hoping.

But yeah, just kind of vague general activity from time to time.  I have no idea if this is still just recovery from egg retrieval and all the stims or if this is new activity.

And of course all of the blogs and forums describe symptoms this early as feeling like the onset of AF.  Well I have no clue if that's what I'm experiencing because being a PCOS person, I don't really have AF without medications so I don't ever have any indication that it's coming, so I sincerely don't know what the onset of AF feels like.

As I comment on various IF blogs, I'm starting to think I should record the Captcha words as potential baby names.  My favorite so far is PooPom.  Leave me your Captcha baby names in the comments!


  1. The other day a Captcha word I was given was "gasm". You can almost guess what I was thinking.

    My online cycle tracker sent me an email yesterday stating that my AF was due in the next 3 days. All I can say is "suck it", I don't want it.

    Same odd pelvic pressure and pain here. I'm testing again on Monday. I still won't post the results. I'm scared that JR will decide it doesn't want to stick around.

  2. when's your beta test? I'm hoping for you!

  3. The times I've been pregnant I've felt that heaviness in the lower abdomen and tightening that you describe. :) They feel kind of like menstrual cramps, or the tightening and cramps you might feel after a test like a HSG. It sounds like good news to me. (knock on wood) Are you going to POAS?

  4. And I just got the word 'Varthra'. Pretty cool...if you want your kid to be an evil supervillain ;)

  5. I also have no idea what premenstrual symptoms are - the first time I got my period on my own in year was this July, and I thought something was up but didn't really know what (was hoping I was "accidentally" pregnant). Looking forward to some good news... sending happy thoughts your way!

  6. AND my captcha was "elitione."

  7. Sounds like those little guys (or girls!) are burrowing in there. Your BFPs look pretty awesome- especially so early! Lots of positive thoughts coming your way!


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