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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nursery Decorating

We've accomplished paint in the nursery!  I know it's a little early, but the carpet guy is coming on Dec 13 so it made sense to get the painting done sooner rather than later.

I was going to do what I did in the rest of the house, paint each paneling line separately with both primer and the paint color and then paint the wall in general.  If you don't do something with those damn grooves, they don't get any color and you end up with dark striped lines around your room.

Same basic angle after
But this time I decided to try filling in the lines.  I figured that would mean just dealing with each line once rather than dealing with them for each layer or paint.  I think the final result actually came out a whole lot better.  The walls aren't perfectly flat, but the vertical lines are much less obvious than the rest of the house.  And once that spackling was done, the painting turned out to be much faster than expected.

I also couldn't resist and started putting up the monkey decals we bought.  We're going to need at least one more package of them but we've got plenty of time for that.  Besides, we don't have any furniture yet so we don't really know what parts of the wall will need monkeys and what parts will be hidden.

And K is finally allowing me to add pics of us so hopefully this blog will have a little more in the way of personalities.


  1. It's looking good! My sister also has a jungle/monkey kind of theme for her little one, very cute! =)

  2. That looks awesome! The monkeys are great!


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