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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Want to Play House

We've been tearing the house apart for the last month to make room for the girls.  Everything that was being stored in the back room is scattered around the house.  We had new carpet put in the back room so I mean EVERYTHING is now in the main part of the house. 

The good thing about this is that there's no reason for me to go into that room.  No vacuum to retrieve, no old paperwork that might need to be accessed, no pet supplies that need to be used.

The bad thing about this is that there's no reason for me to go into that room.

And I really want to.  It's so warm now.  I want to go in and continue cleaning.  Vacuum the new carpet, clean up the paper towel that the cat shredded all over the floor, clear off that one shelf of all the painting stuff to be stored in the shed.

I want to put together the hand me down playpen/bed thingy and I want to put something in it.  I want to figure out where the crib was going to go and then put back up the little shelves that we took down when we painted.  I want to keep preparing the house for efficient double baby care.  Put up the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector that K already bought for the room.  Start installing the baby proofing equipment like cabinet locks and outlet plugs that we bought ridiculously early.  Keep purging the house of a lifetime of accumulated crap like old crt monitors and video tapes from a job I had years ago to make room for baby stuff.

For the last month, I've been ambling around the house looking for things I could prepare before I got too fat and tired.  We need to swap that bookcase for the one in the baby room because the shelves in that one are secure for when they start to grab onto things and pull themselves to standing.  That piece of furniture will eventually need to be bolted to the wall so they don't pull it over onto themselves.  I should sort through this bag of handmedown clothes and figure out what might fit during those first months and what will need to be stored a while longer.

I was playing house and I want to keep playing.

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