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Sunday, December 26, 2010

As if I didn't hate David Spade enough already

I really don't like David Spade.  Seriously, can't stand him.  I'll get up and turn off the tv if he appears because I simply don't want to reward his brand of humor with the honor of being in my home.  Just hate the guy.

So a new doctor is presented to me and is leaning over my face.  And he looks like David Spade and Richard Branson had a love child.  He even had Bransons accent.  Well shit, I used to kind of like Richard Branson and now I have to hate him too.

Apparently this is Dr. Specialist Extraordinaire, Dr. This Is The Guy You Want In This Situation.  And all I can think is my babies lives are in the hands of David Fucking Spade.

We're doing an ultrasound and he's reporting identical twins, one placenta.  Wait, what?  No, they're fraternal.  No M, they're identical.  It's hard to see exactly, but I'm pretty certain there's only one placenta.

This bit of information is both important and yet completely inconsequential.  I know it shouldn't matter, but yet, it does.  My girls just became that much more unique and special.  And yet they already were so how can this make them more so?  The medical repercussions of this will be explained and in one of my stupider, I'm a really sucky and petty person posts yet to be written, I'll talk about the emotional repercussions of this information.

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