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Friday, September 9, 2011

Where oh where has my AF gone?

Oh where, oh where can she beeeeeeeeeeeeee?

I expected to start a little AF action some time last week.  If my body were functioning on a normal monthly schedule (ha!  my body!  normal monthly schedule!  LOL!!!  *wiping tears away*  Yeah, cuz THAT ever happens.  Oh excuse me. Ok, ok, back to the actual sentence I was trying to write) I should have been able to expect a period to start somewhere around the 4th.  And for the first couple of days of Sept, I had lovely PMS symptoms.  I bloated up a few pounds, I was cranky, I had cramps.  And then around the 4th, they magically went away so I really expected an AF appearance.

And just to put everyone's mind at ease, I've dutifully POAS, and it sits next me, the control line rapidly darkening with no second line trying to peek through.  I'll update at the end of this post when the 5 minutes are fully up.

Now on the one hand, every day that I go without AF is a day longer that I have to get down to the goal weight. I'm currently waffling between barely hitting it, and being a pound or two above it.  So yes, a little more time to firmly get that number down is a good thing.

On the other hand, COME ON!  Let's get this puppy started!  I want to be pregnant already and AF signals about 4 weeks before that can happen.  Let's go already!  I even wore light gray pants out to a fancy dinner with my folks last night just to see if I could Murphy's Law it into being.

And K wants to take a few days off from work to use up the PTO that he has in bank and that he'll lose if he doesn't use it up by Feb.  But he doesn't want to use it during the holiday retail season, cuz that would just make him a jerk.  It would make sense for him to take off the week off egg retrieval and transfer so we'd really like to know when to expect that week to fall on the calendar.

If nothing happens by Monday, I guess I'll call the doc and see if we should kick start this puppy with some provera.

The stick confirms that a freebie ain't happening.


  1. Arg!! I HATE it when even AF isn't cooperating. And why is it that it is just when you're actually looking forward to getting your period, it decides to be bashful? How does it KNOW?

    For the record, I hate calling my period AF, I've never called my period 'Aunt Flo' or 'the curse'. Although my husband has been known to call it 'Pablo'.

  2. @Chickenpig
    HA! We don't call it AF around here either. I'm just trying to conform to the other IF blogs and acronyms. Around here, I call it Being Squishy. Cuz it just feels, squishy. And I'm not going to call any of my babies "rainbows" either.

  3. lol, I kept trying to figure out wth AF stood for, thought it was all special medical term related! lol. When I first saw the title I thought ArtFire but obviously that didn't relate to the post ;) POAS should have contextually clicked but it didn't, google told me what that was.

    Your post makes so much more sense now :)

    Maybe for others looking for help or for us who are just following you b/c we ♥ you, a list of abbreviated terms and what they stand for would be good? That is, if there's others to add to the list. A list just for AF and POAS may not be necessary ;)

  4. "I even wore light gray pants out to a fancy dinner with my folks last night just to see if I could Murphy's Law it into being." LOL!
    You know Murphy's Law only works when you REALLY don't want it to, it can't be tricked. It is very super-sneaky-ninja like that.

    I'm sorry that Being Squishy is being uncooperative (for the record, I think you should forevermore refer to it like that on here!) hopefully it get's its booty into gear!

    Becki - don't feel bad, I think most people take a little time becoming familiar with the TTC/IF/ALI jargon. (Trying To Conceive; Infertility; Adoption, Loss and Infertility) I know some blogs include an abbreviation list, I think that stirrup queens has the most extensive one I have seen so far...
    Hope it helps!

  5. Oh, and Alex - I <3 that you have kept track of how many times you have been poked with a needle!

  6. @BeckiOops! You must be an Artfire friend! So yeah, AF has a whole different meaning don't it! You know, I have this blog set to allow backlinks. If you comment, you should input your shop address by replying under the Name/URL option. Get that SEO workin for ya!

  7. AF is such a bitch! She showed up a week late when I was waiting for my HSG. I did a betting pool on the blog to keep me entertained. Wearing white panties didn't help. She showed up at the cruelest time: exactly an hour before my HSG was scheduled. Of course, I had to reschedule for a week later. Gotta love her.
    I would say at least she has a sense of humor, but I am not amused!


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