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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What do you want to talk about?

So far, I seem to not be sick.  Yay!

So, I'm doing IVF again and I'm sure a lot of people browsing infertility blogs are looking for other peoples experiences.  However, since I've already done this a couple of times, I just don't have a whole lot more to say about it as I go through it.

Having strangers stick a wand up my bits just isn't news anymore.  Getting stuck with a needle is no longer a strange day for me.  And I won't be surprised if offered a bed pan after transfer because they don't want me to sit up for a while.

So what would you guys like to know?  To all of the people just finding me now as you start your own journey, what questions are you hoping to have answered?  Can I offer advice to anyone, on anything?  I'm a TMI kinda gal so no question is too squicky icky for me to answer!

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  1. Hi just stumbled on your blog from the IComLeavWe list, I didn't register as I missed the deadline. I get what you mean about been there done that, yawn, but it is comforting when you read about others going through the same thing. Makes us all feel were not alone. I don't know about others, but ivf isn't usually something you could discuss openly with family and friends and most people may prefer to keep the details private.

    I'm trying to think what I would like to read about other women's cycles. Maybe you can share any symptoms you feel during the stimulation and the 2ww? If there's anything different about this cycle compared to your others? Details about the EC and ET, because many tend to worry about them, so some insight may help.. Hope these suggestions help!

    I'm about to start a cycle too next month. Wish you all the best in this cycle! I know it can get daunting, but this can be the one! So stay + :D


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