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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chili-getti and Frango Pie!

I got it!  Yes!  I have it in writing that I have officially made the weight for egg retrieval, they will not weigh me again, and they will move forward with this IVF cycle regardless of whatever bloat pounds the meds put on my frame during the attempt!  Here it is, what I have received in writing:

Hi Alex
You have been approved with proceeding with the Egg Retrieval occurring in our *fertility clinic* Surgery Center with your  current weight at the start of an IVF cycle being 39.5 per our Medical Director

It is to be expected that you  might gain weight during the stimulation and our Medical Director is going to  clarify with anesthesia to make sure that if your weight does bump up as a result of the hormones that they will proceed with your Retrieval. 

Do you all know what this means?  This means it's time to share the recipes for Chili-getti and Frango Pie!  If you want to be a hit at your next potluck, serve either of these.  And if you need to put on weight for any reason, this is your new diet.

Due to my own laziness, you can just print this image.

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  1. mmmm congrats! can you post a picture of the frango pie when you make it? it sounds awesome


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