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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good to go

Had my baseline this morning.  9 follicles on each side.  Blood pressure is perfect.  And I weighed in at 230!  Yes!  2.5lbs BELOW the weight required by anesthesia!

Now my nurse said that we're good to go.  No more weigh-ins, this was it, I'm moving forward.

You'll excuse me if I don't quite take her word for it yet.  When I checked in with anesthesia 6 weeks ago, they said I had to be below 232 at suppression check.  That's still a little over 2 weeks, and several weight gaining BCP from now.  She's double checking with anesthesia and every body that could possibly have a say in this and she'll call me back with the final answer later today or tomorrow.

It's possible that my diet is officially over today.  It's possible that I have to keep it going another 16 days or so.

Tell ya what, when I finally get the official, legally binding, no they can't change their minds declaration that my diet is over, I will post the recipes for Chili-getti and Frango pie.  Because that's what I intend to eat!  There is nothing virtuous about this meal.  It's not vegan, it's not low calorie, it's not low fat, it's probably not organic.  One has a whole lotta cheese and the other has a whole lotta butter and sugar.  I'm going to assume that suppression check will be the final word on my weight.

Let the countdown to Chili-getti begin!  16 days and counting.


  1. WOOOOOT!!!!! Bring on da chili geti...whatever that is :)


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