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Friday, September 16, 2011

Aunt Flow that Fickle Foe

Guess who came for a visit today!

Yes, my body has once again shunned all schedules and logic and decided to bleed in the middle of a provera regime designed to induce said period.

But I'm actually excited.  It's weird.  Maybe I just had too much caffeine this morning, but as soon as I discovered that my cycle had started, I got butterflies in my stomach and an actual "this is gonna happen!" feeling.

With my history, I'm afraid to express any hope or positive feelings out loud so I won't, cuz every time I actually feel like I'm finally going to have a family, it's taken away from me again.  So.......I'm completely pessimistic about this cycle *squee!*, not gonna happen *hehe!*, no really, this is gonna be a total bust *OMG!*

I'm also nervous that for some reason, since I was only on day 4 of provera, for some reason AF showing up at the wrong time will prevent this from actually happening somehow.  Half expecting a phone call tomorrow saying "nope, the provera is a bad start so we'll have to wait another cycle."

Approximate final date of weigh-in (at suppression check) - October 4
Weight today - 233.9lbs
Goal weight - 232.5

This can so happen!   Oh wait, can't have hope, that jinxes it.  Scratch that.  This is totally gonna suck!

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  1. :-) Yes, this is totally gonna suck!
    Don't freak out about the provera. Sometimes you don't need a full dose to kickstart the biyatch. Last time I took it, a couple of years back, it only took three pills to make the red lady arrive.
    So - wait, can I wish you luck or will that be jinxing it?
    Ok - not taking any chances!


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