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Friday, January 7, 2011

Job Interview

After our counseling appointment today (went fine, minimal tears), I had a job interview.

I'm currently hunting for something part-time but long term.  It's not just for the income, that's more of a beneficial side effect, it's mostly because I need to be a part of the world again.  I'm such a recluse that I'll use just about any excuse to hide out at home.  And the "I'm about to pregnant" and "I'm pregnant with twins" became a really darned good excuse.

But even when I was on my way to Mommyland, that wasn't the wisest decision for me.  K was right, if I had gone into Mommyland with no other lands to belong to, I probably would have woken up one day, with toddlers in my life, and nothing else.  That's not who I am.  I need an adult identity outside of my kids (whenever they get here).

And work as a videographer is just too unreliable.  I've held out as long as I can, but one or two gigs a month isn't enough.  But those one or two gigs a month are fun, and profitable, and I'd like to continue to take them when they come along.

So off to my job interview this afternoon.  Office Manager for a small office, 16 hours per week, mornings.  Awesome.  I can hold down something steady and still be able to take 90% of the video jobs I'm offered.  And I'm not big on giant corporate so a small office usually works out pretty good for me.

I head in and I'm immediately given a typing test.  Okey dokey,  Crappy keyboard, almost like a laptop keyboard and I totally biff it on the first go.  35WPM.  I haven't typed that slow in 20 years!  Second and third go around net me 65WPM, but I generally average closer to 75WPM when on a decent keyboard.  Oh well, they wanted someone with 60WPM so my 65WPM on a crappy keyboard will do.

When I head in, I'm immediately asked 3 questions that I don't think they can legally ask.  Am I married?  How old am I?  Do I have any children?  Ok, wow.  Correct me if I'm wrong in the comments, but in the State of Washington, I thought those kinds of questions were illegal in a job interview.  Especially asking about parental status.

And I was so not ready for that question.  Do I have kids?  I'm doing my best to not be flustered, but they got me.  It just so happens that the employer is a forensic psychologist, and I have one of those faces that may as well be a novel because every word I think crosses my face.  I figure these two can tell I'm a bit smacked by the question so I figure I may as well answer as honestly as I can.  "I miscarried a couple of weeks ago and I haven't decided yet how to answer that question.  But no, I don't have any children at home." 

And later in the questioning, I'm asked if I intend to get pregnant again.  Ok, WHOA!  I'm REALLY certain you're not allowed to ask me THAT!  But again, I do my best to keep my composure while being honest.  "I'm don't even know if that's a possibility, but even if it is, I'm looking for a position that I'm able to maintain regardless.  I intend to have an identity outside of the home."  It probably didn't come out quite that succinct, but that's the gist of how I answered.

And during the interview, it comes out that this guy knows my dad and he's rather impressed when he finds out who my dad is.  And I agree, my dad is a very impressive guy!  I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I think expert testimony is a hired position, hired by either judges, lawyers, or the court as an entity.  And since part of this guys job is expert testimony, it's in his best interest for the court to like him.  And my dad being a judge, and a very respected one at that, well....

So as I'm leaving, I kind of feel the table turn a little bit as he says something about say hi to my dad and something mushy to the effect of he'd like to be called upon more often.  So it was kind of like he was asking me to put in a good word for him.

I don't think I'm going to be offered the job.  Despite the fact that I know I want to be somewhere part time for a long time, I can totally see why someone else wouldn't be convinced of that.  But if I am offered the job, I think I'll politely decline.  I'm really not comfortable with the line of questioning, very few questions about my skills, more about my personal life, and the commute would suck.

But I'm signing up with an agency next week that specializes in freelance work for us creative folks.  I've downloaded a trial version of the most recent Microsoft Office so I can update my PowerPoint skills since that seems to be my most hireable ability.  I get the impression that they will be offering jobs that last a week or two at 40 hours per week.  Since I know most of my video gigs about 2 weeks in advance, I can accept or turn down gigs from both places as my schedule allows.  I'm hoping they are able to keep me working often enough to make a financial impact while allowing me the flexibility to keep myself available elsewhere.  I'll keep glancing at the part-time positions but I think I'll give the agency about a month to see how much actual work will come my way through them.

Ah, the employment balancing act of a freelancer.

And just because I've been so text heavy, here's a picture of our mini kitty.  There's a heating vent under her.

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