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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And we're back

Exactly 2 weeks after losing our girls, we're back in the fertility clinic talking about our next attempt. 

We have 3 frozen embryos from the last IVF cycle.  And it looks like we'll be spending the next year or so banking on those.  As much as I want to go for a fresh cycle to increase my odds and to make additional frozen embryos to try with as I get older, unless some generous soul drops $20k on us in the next couple of weeks, a fresh round is simply not feasible.

So we have one, possibly 2 attempts in the bank.  Depends on the quality when they thaw on whether they will immediately transfer 2 or all 3.

Since in our successful attempt we transferred 2 fresh embryos and ended up with identical twins, this tells us that one embryo didn't take at all, and one split.

So if they thaw and transfer 2 frozen embryos which have a slightly lower success rate than fresh, there are several possible outcomes:

Nothing takes and no babies
One takes making one baby.
One takes and splits making identical twins.
Both take making 2 babies, fraternal.
Both take and one splits making a total of three babies, one fraternal triplet and 2 identical.  Might have a hard decision to make.
Both take and both split making 4 babies, 2 sets of identical twins and a really, REALLY hard decision in our future.

The first two outcomes are the most likely to actually happen.  But I'm not going to lie, I'm really hoping for twins again.  We ultimately want 2 children, however they get to us, and financially, getting them both at the same time would allow us to spend more on the raising of those children than creating them.

I've got another prescription for Metformin to try to stave off gestational diabetes again.  And it helps me lose weight in the mean time.  And I've got a prescription for a few rounds of Provera so I can regulate my periods without having to go on the pill which is somewhat counter intuitive to the baby making process.

We're looking at starting the process in March and/or April.  It feels wrong for me to spend May trying to make new babies since that's when we expected to have these babies.  And when March gets here, I might feel it's too soon even though I would probably start today if I could.

Our anniversary is May 1.  My birthday is May 2.  K's birthday is May 5.  If the girls didn't come on their own by May 7th, we would have induced at that point.  I used to joke that one will be born just before midnight and the other would be born just after midnight making their birthdays May 3 and 4.

If we move forward as we currently expect to, we're either going to be getting good news for our birthdays, or that's just going to be one miserable week.

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