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Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm a horrible mommy

Our little kitty Jipsee has learned that when we feed the feral cats on the deck, she can escape outside through that door just the same as she can out the front door.  And she's very insistent on doing so.

She likes to sleep in the cat carriers that leave open in various places in the house.  We tend to just leave them out because she likes them, and the more accustomed the cats are to having them around, the less scary they find them when we need to take them to the vet in them.

So when K went to feed the outside cats when he got home from work about 7pm, he asked me to grab Jipsee and hold her so she wouldn't be able to slip past him.  I told her to just put her into one of her carriers and lock the door.  It's only for 30 seconds and she doesn't mind.  So he did.  

It's 1am.  I just glanced over and realized she was still in the carrier!  We immediately let her out, sniffed the towel and she hadn't peed on it, and now we just feel AWFUL!  She never made a sound!  She's one to make some noise when she's unhappy, so I'm pretty sure she just fell asleep in there and only now woke up and started looking around.  But......just feel awful!  And K is over my shoulder, a little pissed that I'm telling the world what horrible parents we are.

Though he now turns to me and claims "Honey, I'm never going to lock one of our kids in a cat carrier."  

She's now fully enjoying her freedom.
PS - it's really difficult to photograph a black cat inside of a box!


  1. LOL! I loved that: "I'm never going to lock one of our kids in a cat carrier." Too funny!!!!

  2. What a pretty kitty! I just want to rub that belly :)

    No, you will never lock one of your kids in a cat carrier. They won't fit. A dog crate, on the other hand....
    (you know I'm kidding, right?? :)


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