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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dieting 2.0

Well, back on the diet!  Took a few lovely days off.  Had a rendezvous with some brownies.  A big mac made an appearance.  The treadmill hath been neglected.

But it's time.  Time to undo the damage and start pushing those numbers further down.  Yes, my doctor says they should have the backup plan hammered out by the time I'm doing my next cycle ..... just like last time.

New calculations:

I'm 5'4". 

Current weight = 239.2lbs.  Honestly, I'm kind of surprised.  I was expecting at least 2 more pounds to pack on while I ate this weekend.  But okey dokey!  If the pounds don't want to pack back on, I'm not gonna make them!

BMI of 39.9 = weight of 232.5lbs.

Weigh-in date = Unknown.  Estimating AF to be 4 weeks from now and suppression check to be about 2-3 weeks after that, I'm estimating Sept 20th.

Spark people settings - Calculating a goal weight of 230lbs by Sept 20th, my daily calorie range is between 1310-1660.  I will readjust every Monday to keep on top of any weight loss or gain and if we get any updates on the weigh-in date.

What I'm doing to make it easier this time around -

One of the problems with the last diet, apart from it being so few calories every day, was that K is the primary cook in the household.  I would spend all day absolutely starving myself because I didn't know what he intended to do about dinner that night and I needed to be prepared in case it was more calories than I had planned on.  Then K would come home and struggle to find a meal that he could cook with as few calories as possible.

So this time, I've established with K that I will be eating around 700 calories during the day and anticipating a dinner that's anywhere up to about 500 calories.  That way I know what I can eat during the day, what I can anticipate him preparing for me, and that gives him a lot more cooking freedom.  And it still leaves me some calories free for evening snacks, which is really when I do most of my eating anyway.

Since I'll actually be eating a few calories this time, I'm hoping to not be nearly as obsessed as I was last time.  For the time being, I'll be shooting for the middle of the range, or around 1500 calories per day.  It's going to feel darned near gluttonous compared to last time.


  1. I love this plan. It sounds totally sensible, and doable.

    If only dieting were as easy as it sounds in theory. :-) I hope you continue to drop the weight, and give those shitty doctors no reason to cancel your cycle next month.

    Big hugs,

  2. Nice plan. I think it sounds more than reasonable. I'd also like to add that your struggles with the ridiculous BMI guidelines have inspired me to start eating healthier & track my food intake. Keep it up!

  3. I don't know if this is helpful or not, but for me I found it easier to lose weight when I learned how my body responds to different kinds of foods. (I took a blood sugar test and I'm insulin resistant, so I've cut down on processed sugars and processed flour). I was able to eat a normal amount of food but still see a difference in my weight without changing my exercise routine too much. But every body is different.

    In any case, you are so motivated, I hope your new plan goes better (in terms of feeling like you're starving) and good luck!!


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