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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I think....

I've been feeling movement.

I don't want to make any bold declarations here because it's still really early and I'm not sure.  But they say that you can feel movement earlier during your second pregnancy, but I didn't know if I would qualify since I only got halfway through my first.  Then again, it was twins so maybe physically, in terms of uterine stretching, I got some extra credit.

For a few nights, especially when I lay down on my side, I've been feeling blurples in my stomach.  I've felt things like this before, but only once in a blue moon.  But this has been pretty consistently happening in the evenings for several days in a row, even though I'm eating differently every day.  If it was digestion blurples, it wouldn't happen so often, and it would be according to something I'm eating, right?  So by eating differently every day and still feeling the blurples......I dunno.  The movement tends to feel a little too high too.  But only by an inch or so, so it's hard to say.

Ok, so I'm not declaring official feeling of movement, but I'm recording this now so that if it turns out to be movement, I'll have a record of when it started.

Is it time for belly pics?  Have I gotten far enough along that there's something to compare rather than just having babies buried in fat?  Well, they're still buried in fat, but I think it's starting to shift a little bit.  Ok, here are my pics, 10 weeks and today at 15 weeks.

10 week twin belly pic
15 week twin belly pic


  1. I would say it's definitely movement. Does it feel like bubbles popping under the skin? That's movement, alright. I felt my twins at 16 weeks and my daughter at 15, so it is totally within the realm of possibility. Congrats! :)

  2. Yup there is a difference going on in the belly pictures. Another blogger I follow is pregnant with one and is just now 15 weeks. She is feeling the movement. So its quite possible.

  3. My cousin started feeling movement at 15 weeks and it was her first and just 1 baby. There is a difference in your pics. Hi there babies! Keep growing and move more so Mommy can feel you!

  4. It makes me happy to see your belly pics. This messed up world can seem so depressing to me's really a joy to come to your blog and to see that YES this is going to happen. Nobody deserves it more than you do.

  5. Your belly has definitely changed! Congrats if it is movement. I can't wait!

  6. Looking good! I just found your blog and am reading through and appreciate your sharing as I gave birth to a stillborn daughter last year along with her twin brother (who is one now and doing great despite his 29&6 entry) and I'm now pregnant with a second set of twins who were a complete surprise. It was the twin factor that really hit me and so enjoying reading!


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