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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ok, so I didn't by a Snoogle, per se, but rather a different pillow put out by the same company.  I just like saying Snoogle the way a Lord of the Rings fan would say Smeagle.

Well, it appears that my husband has just become somewhat obsolete by this product.

I don't normally do product reviews, mostly because no one asks me or pays me to, but what the hell!  This'll be fun.

For the most part, I really like it.  I'm not pregnant enough to need the various pregnant belly support bumps, but I've had insomnia issues all my life, and it's been really bad for the last few weeks.  I've had a horrible time getting comfortable in general.  Not because of pregnancy, but just because sometimes you go through a period of time where you can't get comfortable.  I've been trying flat pillows, soft pillows, firm pillows, 2 pillows, fluffy pillows, I just can't find the right combo for me.  This isn't perfect, but it's the closest thing I've found so far!

I also have a habit of when K gets out of bed, I re-position myself sideways so that I'm laying with my back to all the pillows.  And I tend to be comfortable sleeping on couches.

So the back support on this works great for me.  I get that snuggled feeling.  I like having the leg of the thing up against my back.  It holds its place pretty well so I can lean on it, but if I need to toss it aside, it will bend and change its shape easier than I thought it would.

I was surprised by the flexibility of this thing.  I was afraid it would be a really firm shape and that was that.  You either fit in it as is, or don't use it.  But it adjusts really well.  I've been putting it up against the wall behind the bed so the top of the horseshoe is vertical while the legs stay horizontal on the bed.  It makes for a really comfortable tv viewing position.  The legs also push really far apart with almost no effort, so if one is bugging you, you can hang it off the side of the bed.  

If you wrap it in the breastfeeding position that's suggested, where the top of the horseshoe goes around your waist and the legs fold behind you as a pillow, we'll I've found that to be great for reading my kindle in bed.  I have a stand for the kindle and it sits on the snoogle just fine.

I've slept on my back and on both sides with this and I'm very comfortable.  My arm doesn't fall asleep when on my side like it does with other pillows, and there's enough bulk to wrap my upper arm around it without it putting a strain on my shoulder.

There's a video review on the Amazon site that complains about the seams at the shoulders.  And those are a bit of an issue.  They are tight and can dig into your neck or shoulder a little bit if you don't adjust.  But once you get adjusted and comfortable, well you're comfortable!

The downside - as you can imagine, this thing is a bit big and bulky and unweildy.  Not as bad as I imagined it would be, but it is kind of difficult to move it around once you get it under the covers.  

Other members of your bed - Sexual spontaneity will likely be out the window with this thing, but for us, I'm on pelvic rest at the moment so we're probably better off just keeping a barrier between us anyway.  On the other hand, I haven't had an elbow or bad breath in my face since getting this, and he hasn't had icicle toes tucked under his leg to warm up, so it's kind of a fair trade off.  My big kitty who likes to climb up my belly and step on my boobs with 19lbs of ouch surprised me by climbing up the leg of the snoogle instead and parking himself on that.  I was able to put my arm around him and all was well.  My other cat, the skittish one, is confused as hell.  He's taken to sleeping in a ball between my knees meaning I'm completely surrounded all 360 degrees and can't move.

Yesterday, I turned sideways in this and put my head on one of the legs, the other leg over my lap, and my legs over my husbands lap.  Ya know, for a little connection and so I could face him while we chatted in bed. And another time I turned it so that the top of the horseshoe was at my butt, the legs were spread out and bent to go across my back and fold under my head so I could do a general hubby snuggle while watching tv.  So snuggles can happen, they just take a little bit of effort setting up.

The various positions that this facilitates are great though.  If stuck on bedrest, I would really recommend this. The across your lap position will probably make eating a lot easier (get some plastic to put over it though for spills), you can probably set a laptop on it, etc.

I'll say a 4 out of 5.  The nature of the product makes it a bit difficult to maneuver, but I think it's accomplished with this product about as well as possible  And for the most part, it's more comfortable than other pillow combinations and will be a lifesaver if one is stuck on bedrest for an extended period of time.


  1. I had one close to the one you suggested on my kaboodle wish list for a while now. With my fibromyalgia it would be a blessing for my health to have one. Since you think this one is the Cat's Meow I might just go with this one instead of the other.

  2. LOL! I can totally picture you saying snoogle like that! My Hubby often pets my head when he hugs me and says "my precious" in that voice lol.

    That thing looks pretty cool. I will keep it in mind when I get pregnant.


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