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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Familiar Territory

I've got pictures!

Here we are at 16w1d.  Cervix is a super long 4.5cm, heartbeats were in the 150s today, and everyone is moving around like they are supposed to be.

Now, technically, they aren't really supposed to confirm gender this early.  It's all supposed to be "Maybe" and "Well kind of looks like it might be...."  But they bend the rules for me a bit because I've got a history and everyone wants to be nice to me.

So before the big gender reveal, how about I put some pictures in your face?  Nothing special, they look like every other ultrasound picture on the planet, but they're mine and that makes them awesome.

Ok, I think it's gender reveal time.  You ready?  Not sure I am, but here we go anyway.

Twin A is definitely a girl!  We got very clear girl bits.  The technician tried to hem and haw and then just went, "Oh yeah, that's definitely a girl."

Twin B is probably .......... another girl!  We didn't get the definite three line indication that showed us girl bits, but she mooned us with legs wide open and there was a definite lack of boy bits so by default.....

Holy fucking guacamole!

I did not allow my brain this possibility.  I was certain it was two boys.  I was hoping for at least one girl, but I never thought it was actually a possibility to have 2 again!

Alternative titles for this post -

Girls 2.0
They're back
What are the odds
Please history, don't repeat yourself


  1. Oh my gosh! YAY! 2 girls!!!! Congrats! I keep praying they keep growing and stay healthy.

    I love seeing the videos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yo history, note that they are Di-Di! Love the shots and the video and they are awesome.

    And I vote that your cervical thing is awesome as that's the exact value I got this week!

  3. Awesome news. I'm thrilled for you! girls 2.0. Seriously, you give me hope.

  4. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
    (and especially yay on that nice long and closed cervix. may it remain that way for the next 23-ish weeks!)

  5. Awesome! I am SO happy for you. Two girls. How fun :)

  6. Glad to hear it! Go girlies!

  7. Wonderful News! I'm so very happy for you. You must be over the moon right now. Hang in there Alex this one has to come to twin full term!


    Sorry I've been MIA. All I can say is that I was thinking of you EVERY DAY, but I just wasn't in a good emotional place to keep up on all the posts.

    But as I find myself getting back in the game, I'm in a better place emotionally to get back to being a good friend. (Sorry I suck!!!!)

    I am so So SOOOOO happy for you in this post. All I can think of is the word "heartwarming", as cheesy as that sounds lol.


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