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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stupid, stupid people

Having no life sucks.  It means I spend all day on various forums, seeing the thoughts of really stupid people and feeling like they actually matter because I have no life of my own to put things in perspective.

On one forum, stupid religious zealots who claim that because they think the way their preacher has told them to think, that I, a person without a preacher, am incapable of thinking for myself and I'm a mindless sheep.  WTF??? Um, in the bible, those who follow Christ are DEFINED as his sheep, he being the shepherd.  How can you call me the sheep when I'm not friggin following anyone?

On another forum, someone starts a thread to tell some members to stop being mean, nasty bitches, and then gets all upset and victimized when those people stand up for themselves by giving a big ole FU.  Call someone a name, they're going to say FU!

I hate that these people exist, I hate that I have to run across them, and I hate that because I have no life right now, it feels like they actually matter.



  1. Maybe there's some other kind of art you can do while you're stuck at home? It sucks having no life, and then taking on extra unnecessary drama just to keep busy!

  2. I think the most frustrating part is that these people are on pregnancy boards. It's really depressing to imagine them raising children with their same narrow-minded, intolerant, and entitled attitudes. I can only browse for a little while before I have to go read a book or something to cool down.


  3. But you DO have a life. :) Spend the time on the internet shopping for your babies or dreaming up a great nursery instead. Those boards SUCK.

  4. Yup you have a life. A very busy one too. And if that doesn't seem busy enough for you well you can always come visit me.

  5. You do have a life! I am gonna dito what Chickenpig said. Shop! Maybe do some crafts for your babies. Take a break from the forums.

  6. A very funny blog you might like as it is waaay funny is When I was pg, I used to visit all the time & cackle at my desk in a cube in corporate America. Be thankful you are not there.

  7. What about the working part-time? Or temping. You aren't on bedrest, right? It is so easy to fall into boredim in our lives. But those boards are stupid.There is much better internet out there. If you keep going back, you are a glutton for punishment!


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