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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Time to cheer this bitch up

I've been awfully depressing lately haven't I?

Ok, while I'm still not saying that this is sunshine and roses, let's at least blog about something other than gloom and doom!

I had a pretty good selling month of December.  There's actually some room on my shelves for more pottery inventory, whenever I get the energy to actually make some more.

I've been awake during the day without a nap for 3 whole days now!  Major accomplishment.  Most days I try to do that and the moment I sit on the couch for a minute, I wake up 2 hours later with a cat on my lap and the best part of the day behind me.

The more forums I peruse, the more relationships that are described, the more grateful I am that I married one of the good ones.  Seriously, I knew he was special, I've always been grateful, but DAMN I didn't realize how freakishly rare a good man really is!  I just can't believe what other women put up with and consider to be normal.

I can smell EVERYTHING!  And I have 4 indoor cats.  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be cheerful.  Ok, back on track.

Sorry guys.  I really am in a decent mood today but I'm just not doing a damned thing lately so I have nothing to talk about.  I'm just starting to get a little bit of energy back (not much, but it's coming) so I'm hoping to start doing some pottery a bit.  As fun as my computer is, I'm pretty sick of staring at it.  I'm pretty sure I've been to the end of the internet and back a few times already.

Random Musings -

Survivor - what the hell Hantz Family?  Ok, so Brandon is a putz, and a nutcase who never should have passed the psych test and been allowed on the show, but at least his nuttiness has a good motivation behind it.  And you all hate him for it?  You love Russell for being an asshole and hate Brandon for trying to be a good guy?  We are SOOOOO going to be seeing Brandon on TMZ a month from now either taking out half the city from the clock tower, or as the victim of a pathetic suicide attempt.

Survivor part 2 - I agree with Ozzy's lessons from skateboarding that kids need to learn that they can survive a fall.  I was never allowed to fall, or bruise, or break a bone, and I think I'm a far more fearful adult because of this.  I hope I have the guts to allow my kids to get a few cuts and scrapes while I'm there to make it better and I don't protect them into oblivion.  That's my goal, but it's going to be a hard one for me to achieve.

Participation trophies are creating a society of mediocrity.  You don't need to excel to be rewarded, and those who do excel get no rewards beyond the participation, so why bother.  I hope this fad is done and gone by the time my kids are in school.

On a related note, just because your mommy likes your singing voice does not mean you are destined to win American Idol.  In the real world, someone WILL tell you "no".  The sooner kids learn this lesson, the better they are able to bounce back and move on to bigger and better things.

My cat is licking my hands and her breath stinks.


  1. I'm tired of being able to smell everything to the max, too.

    I'm glad to see you getting some energy back!

  2. I won't lie, the idea of Brandon's family not supporting him had me in tears. I couldn't fathom the idea of not showing up for him. You don't have to agree with someone's choices but I do believe you should support family no matter what. Kind of like a I don't like you but I love you because you are family, type of thing. I was so proud he didn't cry! I was bawling!

  3. Brandon scared me throughout the season, in that I really couldn't handle how much he talked about Jesus. Not because I'm Jewish, but more because the more he talked, the more I realize that his "old" life (whatever it was) was so bad and now he's trying SO HARD to be a moral person...the pressure would wear on a person, right?


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