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Monday, December 26, 2011

I did stuff today! Now I need a nap

Pregnancy status - 11w4d and all's well.  It's been 2 weeks since my last bleed, a new record.

Ok, seriously now, when I do I get some energy back?  When I say I can't do anything, I mean I can't do ANYTHING.  I'm just too friggin tired!

I slept through most of yesterday, went to bed at a decent hour, got a full nights sleep (though not as deeply as when not pregnant), and I haven't been asked to expend any energy of any kind.  So I should be fully prepared to actually get off my butt.

K spent a good deal of time cleaning the kitchen today.  We have a huge kitchen counter that tends to become the junk platform of the house. It's conveniently located near the front door so everything we walk in with ends up on that counter.  Groceries, toiletries that made it into the house but not yet into the bathroom, my purse, random things that we use on a daily basis and just set down there for lack of anywhere else to put it.  K did a fabulous job of clearing it, finding a place for all of that stuff to go and then actually wiping it down.

My job was to go through the pile of accumulated snacks that he put into a corner and throw out anything I won't actually end up eating.  So I did that, and extended my work to a kitchen cabinet that tends to end up packed with crap.  I weeded out everything that was past it's "best by" date (which was the vast majority of the stuff) and threw out anything that I tried for a snack but didn't end up liking.  That cabinet is practically empty now.

So in this burst of accomplishing something energy, I decided to glaze a few more test cups to go in my next kiln firing.  That basically means just standing at a sink, painting cups.

That's it guys.  That's all I've done.  On my feet for maybe 45 minutes to an hour.  And when I decided that I needed to sit down again, I had to eat something right away because I was almost shaking from feeling weak and like I had over exerted myself.  I can only guess that I hadn't eaten much protein yet in the day and it was that absence that I was feeling and kind of reeling from.  I've since had some leftover ham and cheesy potatoes from Christmas Eve dinner at my parents and am now feeling like my normal, fat, lazy, sitting self.  I keep intending to spend a few hours out in the pottery studio, and I keep just not doing it.  And that's a fun activity.

Ya know, I'm pretty lazy in real life as it is.  Honestly, I didn't think a person could get much lazier than me.  But this feeling of hardly being able to move from my seat and getting tired after functioning on my feet for 30 minutes is just obnoxious!  At least I've gotten enough energy that I'm capable of staying awake for a full day, so that's an improvement.  But wow, I could really use another energy boost in general, cuz being both this tired and yet awake for this many hours per day = boredom central!

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