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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rereading the signs

So the IVF clinic sent me a calendar and things got a little more complicated.  They don't want me on BCP for a month, but rather 10 days, with an egg retrieval around August 15th and an implant probably on the 21st.

That means 3 things. 

1)  If I have the gallbladder surgery, we have to delay IVF by a month.  Obviously, I don't want to do that, but in the grand scheme of things, I have to get over it if removing the gallbladder is necessary.

2)  My weigh-in to determine if I'm under the BMI of 40 will be on August 4th.  Two and a half weeks to lose the additional 3lbs or so that I need to lose.  Of course, it would be easier to crash diet myself down for two weeks and have it done with rather than lose it slowly and then maintain until the next potential weigh-in six weeks from now.

3)  If we follow the calendar that is currently written, we will confirm or deny the pregnancy on August 30th.  That's the one year anniversary of the implant date for my girls.  That would also put the babies due date in the first or second week of May, also known as our wedding anniversary and both of our birthdays.

So, we now have a lot riding on what the surgeon recommends tomorrow.  My gallbladder is such that if not for the potential pregnancy, we probably wouldn't even be considering taking it out.  It's not like it's a medical necessity at the moment and I'm a bit gun shy to remove an organ based on a maybe.

We'll be asking the surgeon for all sorts of worse case scenarios and what the likelihood would be of running across those.

Here's what I'm REALLY hoping he tells me.  I'm hoping that he's more conservative and prefers not to remove organs unless there's a medical need.  I'm hoping that he tells me we should just do some laser stuff that will break up the gallstones making them less likely to cause any problems over the course of the next year.  That would be the best case scenario at the moment.

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  1. Whoa, that is fast! I too hope that lasers will take care of your gallbladder situation and that you can move forward. This is so exciting! :)


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