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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unrelated to IVF - Cougar!

I'm totally freaking out!

I heard this sudden burst of activity on my deck and saw various shades of fur fly across it.  I run to the glass door, and what's 5 feet away staring back at me through the glass?

That's what!!!

I live in the suburbs!!  I knew we had coyotes but I've never seen one.  But a friggin mountain lion, on my deck!?!?!?!  Chasing one of my kitties and the raccoons off my deck!

I haven't had an adrenaline rush like that in a long time and I can go a LONG time before having another!

In other news, we haven't seen our orange feral cat, Spot, in several days.  That's probably not "other" news though.


  1. Holy CAT, Batman!!!!

    This is both incredibly cool and terrifying both at the same time!

    Soooo....if you should become pregnant this cycle, would you name your child Cougar??? (sorry...don't throw anything at me ;)

  2. @Chickenpig

    Well, I don't think Cougar is quite the name I'd go for, but I am looking up symbolism and stuff. Who knows, maybe it's a good omen?

  3. OMG, a COUGAR! I grew up in northern Michigan, and heard rumors of people seeing them, but I never did. I always wished I would just come across one, but then thinking about it, maaaaaaaybe not, LOL. It really must be a sign, even if just to shake things up a bit. I think the universe works like that. Sometimes we just need a big fat cougar on our porch to make us look at the big picture. ;)

    Happy ICLW, and I hope you find Spot!
    ICLW #132


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