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Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to limboland

So we're back on the fence of whether or not this cycle is going to happen.

The clinic is literally trying to write the policies for fat girl egg retrievals as I'm living the experience.  But the policies aren't on paper just yet, so there's no guarantee that they will be by the time I need to move forward.  So we are back to the question of go or no go depending on my weight.

And my weight has sprung back up.  And they've determined that a BMI of 40 won't cut it, it has to be BELOW 40.  So we can't just say I hit 40 the other day and run with it.

My weight as of this morning:  243.1
Maximum weight to get a BMI of 39.9:  240.0
Date of decision:  Aug 4
Days to get 3.1lbs off my body:  13

This is gonna be rough.  My body has already experienced that initial whoosh of weight loss one gets the first week or two of a diet.  It's now gone into fight mode so I'm gonna have to fight to get every ounce off that I can.  And it's gonna come down to that last fraction of a pound at the last minute.   And it's possible that when she said a BMI of 39, she meant 39 even and not 39.9 (waiting to hear back on that clarification).  If it's 39 even, this simply isn't going to happen.  I would have to get to 234.5 and I don't see that happening for at least a month, perhaps 2.

I'm predicting nothing but water and laxatives on Aug 3.

Cougar power activate!


  1. I'm not REALLY hippy dippy, but in the ancient Egyptian religion, the cat was a symbol of women's strength, wisdom, and yes, fertility! The cat was the symbol of the Goddess Bast, sister to Isis. All in all a VERY good sign for a woman who needs strength and help of a feminine nature. You have been blessed :)

  2. Hi from ICLW. I'm so scared of the weight thing being an issue for me when I do retrievals. The only thing that I wonder...are you not eating enough and that's why you are retaining? And definitely cut any carbonation. I'm so sorry, this sucks!

  3. @eggsinarow

    It could be. I got down to 241.7 (I need to get to 240) and then I had a steak dinner and took the first BCP of the cycle. The next morning, 245.5! I've only been able to force that back down the 242.5. So I'm terrified to attempt the "eat more to lose" method. Every moment that I don't feel like I'm completely starving, I feel guilty and like I'm failing.


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