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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy busy

It's been a while since my last post, but that's mostly because the days are all blending together and it's hard to tell just how many of them have gone by.

I did an interview at the Mommyish blog.  Ehhhhh, you all know my story, and well, it didn't really come across the way I would have told it had I written it myself rather than just responding to interview questions.  But yeah, so that happened.

K and I have reached a general system for night time wake ups.  I start the process by getting one girls diaper changed and I prep the bottles.  Then I set her down and start her feeding while K changes the other diaper.  Then he comes over and takes over the feeding while I go and pump.  Usually by the time I finish pumping, the girls are done eating and it's burping, snuggle, just get them to fall asleep again time.  It seems to be working out pretty well for the most part.  The benefit of this system is that I'm not stuck awake pumping for an additional half hour after we care for the girls.  The drawback is that K gets most of the interactive time with the girls.  But I certainly make up for that during the day as I watch the clock waiting for him to get home and help me.

A couple of milestones we've reached:

The girls are picking up their heads and looking around at the world.  The wall behind the couch is white with black stick on designs, so I think they're looking over our shoulders at the nice contrast behind us.

The rough night stage.  Ugh.  The girls sleep pretty well during the day but they've started having trouble getting to sleep at night.  We've had a few nights now where one or both have been up and pissy for 5-6 hours.  They'll go to sleep for about 10 minutes, just long enough for us to believe it's over, and then the screaming starts again.

Yes, we've done the 2"30am trip to McDonalds for shakes and fries in an attempt to quiet the girls with a car ride.  I felt like we had a valid reason to be up and aimlessly wandering at that time of night, but I don't know what the heck the jogging guys excuse was.

And to again demonstrate how awesome K is, we were both exhausted and just desperately wanted sleep, but when I suggested a ride in the car, and we determined that I had to drive because the car seats were in my car, K got dressed and got in the passenger seat.  All he really wanted in life was to get into bed, but it didn't even cross his mind to go to sleep while I was driving around trying to quiet the girls.  He's awesome.

You know how when you're so tired, and it's the middle of the night, and you're really punchy, everything becomes 10x funnier?  That's what the drive turned into.  Honestly, it's going to be one of my favorite memories of this time period.  But don't tell K I said that.  We were supposed to be exhausted and miserable so I think he'd consider me a traitor if I came to the conclusion that it turned out to be a lot of fun.

Ok, pictures!

Charlotte demonstrating her archery skills.  Daddy used to teach archery at a kids camp.
Tina plays a little twist and shout.  Still trying to figure out this weird contortion, tongue thing that she does.


What the hell was that??? (it was a bath)
 Sleepy babies.

Just chillin

Mama moby's up!


  1. Yay, there you are! Glad you and K are such a great team. (Someone was jogging in the middle of the night?! Yikes.)

    Love the pics, and your captions are great. Archery already? What a little smarty pants Miss Charlotte is! You look fantastic! Love the Moby pic!

  2. I'm betting you are so glad you cut your hair right about now!

  3. Alex look wonderful! and the Girls are just so beautiful! I love reading the newest happenings and watching them grow! Congrats again to you and K........your love seems to be growing so much stronger with all the team work.....and I bet the girls have him wrapped already! see you soon!

  4. I've been so impatient for an update - but I totally understand you're life has more important things than blogging right now :)

    LUV the picts of Charlotte air-archery-ing!!!


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