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Friday, August 3, 2012

Definition : Fake up

Fake up:  The cry that a baby emits during the night that makes parents start prepping bottles and diaper changes, but does not actually result in the baby waking up for another hour or two thereby needlessly depriving said parents of sleep for no good reason.

"Oh shit, it's 2am and I just went to sleep an hour ago.  Is this a wake up or a fake up?  Cuz if it's a fake up and I sit here ready to go for an hour that I could have been sleeping waiting for an actual wake up, someone's gonna get hurt."


  1. Long time reader first time poster.. have you tried tizzie hall save our sleep... saveD my life with my premmie twins.. your doing a great job.. Dont worry it stops being work and the love comes when they are about 2 :)

  2. I use my video monitor with my 7 week old son and it's saved me a bunch of times. It will buzz and turn the video on when it detects something other than ambient noise and it is smart enough to know a white noise machine is not a baby. I'll watch him and sometimes he just kicks his legs, squeaks, and goes right back to sleep. Sometimes I'll even let him cry around just a liitle bit if it isn't a full blown wail and he's also gone back to sleep then. It is a Samsung and it cost about $170. Worth every penny.


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