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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The first outgrown outfits

It's time to retire a few of the things I bought for the girls.


I'm really sad to see these things go.  I've barely purchased any clothing for the girls because we borrowed from the preemie closet of the local moms of multiples club, and we've received so many hand me downs and gifts that I don't think the girls will have time to wear everything people have brought for them as it is.  But when they were preemie sized, I wanted to buy a couple of cute things, just cuz I wanted to.  But they are outgrown now.

My Itty Bitty is becoming an Average Annie and my Middie Biddie is becoming a Chunky Monkey.

So here are the monkey jammies and the mint chocolate chip jammies in preemie size that will soon be going to the consignment store.

And a recent picture of my girls in all their chubby glory.  Apparently not in the best of moods.


  1. Look at those little arms! I just want to pinch them. :D

  2. Your girls are adorable, I'm glad they're growing and healthy and well! I personally would save those couple of cute teeny tiny outfits if you still have them, but I'm silly/sentimental like that (with limits though, no hoarding here ;)

  3. OH, MY OVARIES. Don't let my babies hear me tell you how ridiculously adorable and gorgeous and sweet and nommable your babies are. Can I borrow them for a few days? Mine are so big now! <3

    I just went through the girls' old clothes again-- siphoning out all the things I really don't need because even if we have another girl, she doesn't need the sheer volume of stuff I was saving. It's so hard to part with those outfits, though. I got attached. There were tears.

  4. i wish i hAD cute bABIES LIKE THEM...


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