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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awkward lactation

So we all know that my husband K is a saint.  Yesterday, he went above and beyond.

After the 6am wake up, I had a doctors appointment at 8:30am so he was left alone with the girls.  When I got home around 11am, I was feeling kind of dizzy so he told me to go lie down.  I woke up around 4pm.  I made dinner and was out the door for a Moms of Multiples meeting around 5:30pm.  When the meeting was over at 9pm, I called him because I wanted to go out with another mom to get some fries but wanted him to have the opportunity to tell me that it's a bit much and I should come home.  Nope, he tells me to go out and have fun.  I didn't get home until about midnight.  Yup, he was with the girls alone from 6am to midnight.  I would not have been so generous.

But it did lead to some awkwardness regarding my boobs.  I pumped when I woke up so by the time I went out for fries, it had been about 6 hours and my boobs were aching.  I had a pump with me, but no where to plug it in.  So, I took over the handicapped stall, lifted my shirt, unhooked my nursing bra, leaned over and milked myself like a cow into the toilet.  Fortunately I'm overproducing so much milk that I can afford to throw some of it away.  But all I could think was that if this bathroom had one of those pervert hidden cameras, someone was getting a show they were not expecting.

I went to bed last night wearing Lilypadz.  If you're not familiar with them, they are a thin layer of silicone with some adhesive.  You press it to your nipple in the middle and lay it over the front of your breast.  By sealing the nipple, you effectively turn the faucets off and because it sticks by itself, you don't need a bra to hold it in place.  Well, I guess my faucet wasn't fully turned off.  When I got up and peeled the thing off to pump, I dumped a bunch of milk all over the carpet.  Lovely.  So I had to pull out the steamer and steam clean a section of carpet in the middle of the night so I wouldn't end up with the house smelling like sour milk for the rest of our lives.

I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!


  1. How awesome you were able to get out for a while! My DH would NEVER have done that! You have quite the gem. :) I also used Lilypadz with my last baby. I loved them most of the time but I surely did leak out of them from time to time (if you lean over when removing them the milk will stay in the cup part)! I overproduced for a singleton. I actually donated over 10 gallons on milkshare! LOL Despite the leaking, overproducing is a much better feeling than underproducing! :)

  2. Oh wow! Leaking milk in the middle of the night does not sound fun. Glad that your DH was able to spend quality time alone with his girls.

  3. That is awesome you got out. I hope you had a good time and it made you feel good!


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