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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cramps, cramps, ouch I have cramps!

The first few weeks of the pregnancy didn't have much going on.  We suspected twins but couldn't confirm until about 4 weeks into the pregnancy.

I had a lot of cramps ever since the retrieval process, those were very unpleasant.  I'm told that's common because I had someone poking at my ovaries for an hour and they tend to spasm in response.  And then the cramps continued as a general pregnancy symptom.

A couple of weeks in though, they got really bad.  I was woken up at 6am with the most incredible abdominal pain.  I went to the bathroom and tried to relieve it that way but that did nothing.  I finally woke up my husband cuz I could hardly walk and I was starting to panic.  I had seen a little bit of implantation bleeding the night before so this just really made me freak out. 

We called the doctor and he said that it's normal and everything should be fine, just take one of the pain killers we gave you after the retrieval.  Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh, no.  You see me and then if you believe everything is fine, I'll believe you.  And really?  You want me to take a prescription strength pain reliever in the first weeks of pregnancy?  Ok, so they can see me in a half hour.  Hubby and I get dressed and we're on our way.

They double check everything and insist that everything is fine.  And yes, take the Tylenol with codeine.  That's what it's there for.  Wow, really?  Ok.  But I'm not taking a lot of it!

So I go home, cancel the gig I'm supposed to be at in 2 hours because the pain reliever makes me drowsy and I can't drive, and hang around in bed taking as little of the medicine as I can while still getting the pain relief benefits.  I felt much better, the pain went away, and for the most part, that was the end of my cramps.  I still get a little twinge now and then, but not nearly as constant as it was.

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