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Monday, October 18, 2010

8 week checkup

K and I hadn't really started to plan for twins.  Mostly because we are very aware of vanishing twin syndrome and don't want to count our babies before they're born I guess.

Another weirdness I was going through was "are they still there?" syndrome.  After being tested for something every 48 hours during the IVF process, I went through doctor withdrawal.  2 weeks between appointments?  But, but, but......ok.  But since I'm not particularly sick or anything, I kind of felt like the babies just dissolved away and I couldn't wait for my next appointment to see if they were still there.

I guess that's somewhat logical since with VTS, one baby does just kind of dissolve away.  But yeah, irrational.

The 8 week checkup really cemented what's happening.  Just a little peek at one of them for all of you.

It's a creature inside me all right!  But human isn't the first description that comes to mind.

They were both around 18mm, 155 beats per minute.  They are both growing, and they are growing equally and equally healthy.

And this is when I saw the click in K.  For many men, the click doesn't get there until a baby actually arrives, but this was his click and I got to see it cross his face.  He suddenly realized that yes, we were having 2 babies, and yes, this is real!

But the real news was that we are over some hurdles and our odds of miscarriage have dropped significantly.  The average pregnancy has about a 20% chance of miscarriage (according to the various rumors that I've been able to find around the interwebs).  Our doctor says that we have dropped to the 1-2% chance of miscarriage and we have officially graduated from the fertility clinic and ready to start with standard prenatal care.  YAY!!!

Every few minutes we'll poke each other and hold up 2 fingers.  The recipient either smiles or whacks the finger shower depending on where we are on the fear to excitement scale at that particular moment.

Ok, I think we're pretty much caught up on all of the milestones and I can starting writing more of a long facebook post style rather than a novel.  I have an extended doctors appointment coming up just before the 11 week mark (next week) and I have a TON of questions for that doctor so that might yield another novel.  But for the time being, we're gonna get short and sweet!

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