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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What a frustrating, nothing day

Today was not my greatest day of parenting.  Nothing went particularly wrong, we just had a whole lot of nothing happening.

The girls are out of sync on their naps, probably because Teeny Tiny is burning calories all over the place while Middie Biddie just sits there enjoying the ambiance.  As a result, I put them down for a nap, Middie Biddie protested while Teeny Tiny wanted to sleep and it was 2 hours of protests, a little dozing, a lots of quietly amusing themselves and then finally falling asleep for the third hour.  Then for the afternoon nap, another 2 hours of me thinking they would pass out any minute and it not really happening.  That's a whole lot of crib time for the day with very little sleep to show for it.

If there were just one, I could go with the flow.  Nap not working?  Ok, let's get up and try when you seem tired again.  But with two, well one needs to nap and if I let the other one stay up, the whole day is just screwed because the other will want a nap when the first one is getting up and I spend the entire day trying to figure out when who needs to eat and when who needs to sleep, and just, no.  Not doing that.

Teeny Tiny has a diaper rash again.  Been fighting it for a couple of days now but I'm not really seeing any improvement.  She spent her morning play time in the pack and play with bedwetting pads lining it and a bare bum to try to air things out a bit.

I'm also very frustrated that Middie Biddie isn't really crawling.  She can.  If I put her on her tummy and walk away, she'll frantically scramble to get to me.  But I just can't seem to motivate her to move for anything other than fear that I'm disappearing!  She needs to play!  She needs to understand that there's a life to be had if she'd just scootch away from me and have it!  And she needs to start moving for health reasons, muscle development, tiring herself out so she'll sleep well, that kind of thing.

Another part of the problem is that Teeny Tiny isn't getting her fair share of my attention.  I'll be sitting on the floor with Middie Biddie between my legs, me hoping she'll see a toy that's worth moving towards, and Teeny Tiny will sometimes try to crawl up on me which makes Middie Biddie cry because she's getting leaned on, and it's just a mess.  I can't play chase the baby with Teeny Tiny because Middie Biddie will just sit there all abandoned and start crying.

I really tried to motivate her today.  I've been pretty successful by putting her on her tummy and walking a few feet away then giving lots of cuddles and praise when she gets herself to me.  I think one of the skills she's missing is figuring out how to go from seated to crawling.  I've been setting her up and manipulating her to her tummy to try to teach her how to do it.  Sometimes she'll be sitting up, get herself to lying on her back and pitch a fit from there.  But I've seen her in the crib, she's perfectly capable of turning onto her tummy.  But no, not when outside of the crib.  Apparently she's a flipped turtle if she's not in the crib.

Today I spent a lot of time with her seated on one side of the room and me seated on the other side of the room trying to encourage her to come to me.  She found my waving and high pitched tone very amusing and just sat there laughing at me.  I'm not kidding!  Look at her!  Laughing at me!

So that was my frustrating, nothing day.  Too much crib time, too much play time spent doing nothing.  K is home tomorrow.  Tomorrow we'll do better.

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  1. Hoping she starts crawling around a lot more.


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