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Friday, June 14, 2013

Been single momming it

It's been a rough couple of weeks.  K's show opens tonight.  Having him do a show has been kicking my ass.

Just about every day, he goes to work, then straight to rehearsal and comes home between 10pm-midnight.  While he's been able to get up with the girls around 8am, he's been getting me up at 9am and then I'm pretty much on my own.  His days off from work are usually taken up by a few hours of rehearsal in the afternoon so I'm still not getting much relief.

Since his show opens tonight, I was really counting down the days until he would be home the majority of the day on Sunday.  But then last night, he tells me that one of the managers at work resigned and another is going on vacation leaving them down 2 managers so he'll be pulling a lot of extra hours next week, mostly the closing shift.  On Sunday, instead of a nice morning off (I was going to take the morning shift anyway and make him a Father's Day breakfast), he's going to be going into work at the crack of way too early, doing the matinee, and then going back to work for an hour or two to ensure the working manager gets a lunch break.  ARGHHHH!!!!

The last 2 weeks have been particularly hard because the girls have been sick for the first time ever and they are milestoning all over the place.  Teeny Tiny is cruising around the house and just now attempted to wave bye bye (she waved with her fingers toward herself) and Middie Biddie is finally on the move even though she's rarely motivated to actually do it.  They are attempting to say "mama" and "dada" but only glimmers of those words having any meaning.  We haven't officially counted either of them as having a first word yet.

They've been cranky, needy, snotty, and for one day really pukey, and just wanting some one on one attention that they've hardly been able to receive.  Mom and dad are a little lacking in the attention department as well since we're both tired and cranky by the time he gets home.

I'd like a day off please.

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