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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Gonna be a lot of pictures in this post because yesterday was the girls first birthday!  And just for good measure, they have their first cold!

A couple then and now pictures.

Teeny Tiny Then:

Teeny Tiny Now:

Middie Biddie Then:

Middie Biddie Now:

We had some family and friends over to watch the girls eat cake for the first time.  My mom made them each a single layer cake with fruit loops as decoration.  We expected the cakes to last all of two minutes before getting destroyed, but my dainty little daughters just picked the fruit loops off one by one and munched on those.  Middie Biddie also showed us the proper pinky position for eating cake at tea time.  
They were pretty shy with everyone here staring at them.  No real chatting, just kind of sat there and munched on their fruit loops staring at everybody who was staring back.  Once the fruit loops were gone, the grown ups took a fork to shred the corner of the cake to get them started.  After about an hour, a cake finally got up ended and it got a little more entertaining.

They ended up consuming quite a bit of cake.  Fortunately, they didn't get sick (I was prepared for some puking during the rest of the day but that didn't happen).  Afternoon nap pretty much didn't happen, but overall no real adverse effects from the massive sugar infusion.  Today they are a snotty mess so we're all about the mild liquid based foods.

So, here's the first birthday photobomb!



  1. They are so cute!! Great pictures!

    - Erin B. from VA

  2. Eat the cake not the plate! LOL Happy Birthday Little ones!

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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