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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sick, not tired

Well the good news it that the girls are perfectly happy quietly playing in their cribs.  The bad news is that the girls are perfectly happy playing in their cribs.

I put them down almost three hours ago and with the exception of a bottle an hour ago, they've been hanging out quietly undisturbed in there ever since.  Middie Biddie finally dropped off to sleep about 45 minutes ago, but Teeny Tiny is having a grand old time chatting with her monkey, standing up and looking over the adjoining crib railings to spy on her sister, and just sitting there kicking her feet.  At least there's no crying.  But there's no sleeping either.

As for the sick, they both have runny noses and some congestion.  So far, the nose goo is clear and runny and no sign of fever.  Last night Teeny Tiny woke up around 10pm coughing and needed some soothing to go back to sleep.  I think K woke up a few times because of little coughs on the monitor throughout the night.  Overall, they don't seem too upset about it.  They really don't like it when I try to clear the snot away, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  I'm keeping kleenex within reach and they aren't napping or sleeping very well, but that seems to be about the extent of it.  We're having people over for cake for the girls first birthday on Saturday and I've given a heads up to the parents who are bringing kids.  I don't think it's an illness that really warrants a heads up, but I'd rather let the parents make that decision than to make it for them by not telling them.

I'm pretty sure it's just a conspiracy to make sure I don't get any cute pictures of their first birthday.  Teeny Tiny has a very obvious scratch right between the eyes, the first mark I've ever seen on her face.  Yup, they just want to make sure that they are beautiful every other day of the year, but the one day that we might put pictures in the scrapbook, they want to look like gooey, scratched up messes.

I'm not sleeping a whole lot right now.  Just can't get comfortable and my insomnia is back.  I'm pretty sure it's because I've put on a lot of weight. I'm at my record high non-pregnant weight at the moment and everything aches.  Once K's play is over in 2 weeks, we've decided to spend the following three months really putting effort into losing some weight.  I should be getting the new orthodics for my shoes any day now so hopefully I'll be able to use the treadmill without my feet aching after 10 steps.

Teeny Tiny should be taking her first real steps any day.  She's got a couple of small toy tables and she's started pulling up on one and then walking pushing it ahead of her.  But it doesn't count until they take steps not holding onto anything, right?  Middie Biddie is still content to just sit on her bum and engage in more intellectual pursuits.

The house has officially transformed into a kid house.  The living room is scattered with buckets of toys, a few large toys (a really big one is being delivered next week) and a couple of ottomans that we got so the girls can cruise and so people can sit when they come over.  The main portion of the house has the flooring installed although we never got around to installing the molding so it's not really finished.  Once K is home again, possibly before, we start tearing out the rest of the carpet and just putting down vinyl tiles so we have something non-stinky to walk on, but that can be installed without disturbing the girls with the noise.

Just a couple of ewwwy gooey girls about to turn 1!

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  1. We had our kids about the same time so I've enjoyed reading your blog over this first year. It's hard to believe a year has gone by already! I'm not quite sure I know how to feel right now. It's so conflicting. I'm so happy watching them develop but day after day you see the baby phase slipping away. As I also struggled through infertility it is a battle to stay positive and live in the moment when you know there is a very good possibility you may never get to experience it again. I'm so grateful I had an opportunity to watch them grow and change so rapidly over this first year. For what it's worth, I enjoy your blog and it is wonderful to see your girls grow and thrive in your household. You give voice to many of us out there so pat yourself on the back and enjoy their first birthday!


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