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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nothing much going on

Hi!  I got a comment saying I'd been quiet and wondering if I'm ok.  Yup, we're all fine!  I simply haven't had a whole lot to say.

I'm almost 20 weeks and starting to do the pregnant stance and walk whether I mean to or not.  I was standing in the kitchen yesterday and realized I was standing kind of pushing my stomach out.  So I tried to stand up straight and nope, that is not comfortable at all.  So I guess I've crossed the point where one might do that to try to look all pregnant to honestly really needing to stand like that.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with my coordination while I eat, but I'm ending up with something on my shirt almost every time I eat anything.  Cutting into some eggs at a family breakfast, I flung the entire forkful of egg, salmon, and hollandaise sauce at my belly.  After eating a brownie with a caramel topping, I got up and found caramel on my jammies.  I don't even remember the brownie being close enough to me to get on my clothes!  Sneaky assed caramel!

Just got a phone call from the doctors office.  I passed the gestational diabetes test!  WOOT!!!  I don't have diabetes yet!  I'm completely shocked.  I failed it miserably the last time, I had taken it a week earlier in the pregnancy, and then I only had one placenta making the whole insulin thing more difficult whereas this time I have two.  I guess the metformin and the 20 lost pounds are making a real difference!  I didn't think that small amount of weight loss, considering I'm much more overweight than just 20lbs, would make much difference at all.

Oh, and about taking that test.  As we saw a week or so ago, I vomited up the glucose solution.  So they said to eat 18 jelly beans over the course of 2 minutes and then get my blood drawn an hour later.  So hubby brought home a bag full of the jelly beans I needed.  And so I didn't have to suffer alone, he raced me to get down a serving of them himself.  That's what kind of guy he is.  When we first moved in together, it was still really early in our relationship, like at 5 months.  And I was starting to deal with my sleep apnea so within a few weeks, I was trying out a CPAP machine.  So instead of having this sexy honeymoon phase where I would go to bed with my man looking all cute and sexy and stuff, I had to go to bed with a full friggin face mask.  Oh baby, you sexy thing you.  So my man took the extra mask and slept with that on his face so I wouldn't be embarrassed and uncomfortable by myself.

I think that these things really say a lot about what kind of guy he is and really explain why I married him and why I'm so grateful that he exists in the world.  As I read what other women are putting up with as I read various forums, I just don't get why they put up with it.  My man would gouge his own eyes out before he ever said anything hurtful to me and so many of these women are getting insulted on a regular basis.  Any time I can convince one person to hold out for a man like the one I've found, I'm gonna try to do it.  I'm no prize.  I'm not super thin sexy beast.  I'm not all that special.  Women half my size are being called fat by their men and are being made to feel bad about themselves.  And if a man as wonderful as mine can fall in love with fat, old, ornery me, I don't comprehend why anyone would choose anything less.

Ok, but I digress.  So what else has been going on around here this week?  Still not really feeling baby movements.  They're in there.  We find a couple of hearts beating every night on the doppler, but I'm just not feelin in yet.

We've been dealing with some cat issues.

One of my kitties is super sweet, but really skittish.  This is the one I'm talking about, Shadow.

He wants attention, but gets nervous and runs when you make a move to give him some.  So he'll sit next to my chair and talk to me.  And reach up and tap my arm with his claws.  So I bend down to can pet him, but having this person suddenly looming over him freaks him out and he runs off only to repeat the process a few minutes later.  This routine gets old, really fast.

So I've been training him to come up and use the cat bed that's on the corner of my desk.  My 2 youngest kitties practically live there, but there are times when it's vacant.  I'd really appreciate it if Shadow would come up to where I am so I can pet him rather than have me bend in a position that's getting more and more uncomfortable only to run away.

It's taken some effort because he really doesn't like being grabbed and moved, but with a lot of catnip, encouragement, and ignoring him when he's on the floor, he's learned that he's allowed to come up on my desk and I think he's starting to figure out that it's a place he wants to be.  He's jumping up and testing the waters quite often, getting a few snuggles and then jumping down.  A few times, he's gone ahead and sat his butt down in the bed which is a big accomplishment as it signals that he's relaxed enough to sit, albeit somewhat tentatively.

And my big loverboy Mayday has been sick.  He's usually pretty vibrant but he's just been kind of whiny and sad, and really wanting mama time.  Very much like a child who doesn't feel good and just wants to snuggle with mommy on the couch.

We've noticed that his poo has gone liquid again and there was some blood dripping on his back end.  But the blood seemed to be just blood, not mixed with poo, so that really freaked us out.  We're familiar with blood in the stool, but not just blood.  So we got him into the vet right quick and he's got the same bug he had about a year ago.  I don't get why he keeps getting this.  He's the only one in the house who gets this thing and we've been really good about making sure his diet has switched over completely to the food the vet told us he should have for urinary tract infections.  We've asked and asked about what can be done to prevent him from getting this and there's just nothing we can do but treat it when he gets it.

He's the one that climbs across my belly on his way to my face every night for snuggles.  He's 20lbs now.  And a clod.  He really knows how to put all of his weight on just the wrong spot, so I'm really trying to teach him to walk up next to me instead of on me.  So far, that training is not going well.

Busy week ahead.  I'm working every day this week either doing a video shoot, doing admin at a video company, or taking notes for someone elses video shoot.  I didn't mean to pack this week so tight, but if it wears me out, this might be the last week that I accept jobs (other than my once a week admin job).  Ultrasound and doctors appointment on Friday so I might have a new video to post.


  1. I think there might should be belly bibs...

    And that is AWESOME news on the gestational diabetes!

    Keep conquering the world

  2. You have beautiful cats!! Troublesome, but beautiful :)

    YEAH on passing the GD. That makes things a lot easier. Whew!

  3. I was just wondering how you were doing. I am glad you posted! So happy you passed the diabetes test! That must be such a relief that you don't have to go on a special diet or take meds. Your cats are so cute!

  4. Your cats are lovely!There must be something in the air right now as we are also having some challenges with ours. I sure hope they take to our training attempts as well as Shadow seems to be.

    And congrats on passing the GD test! 20 lbs CAN make a huge difference!

  5. Did you find a vegan Hollandaise sauce?? I craved it through out my whole pregnancy but because of the raw egg I wasn't allowed. But I swear, the week after I had our son I was all over it :D

  6. AWWW, HI SHADOW!!!!!!!!!! He sounds a bit like Bloom - she tends to be a bit skittish, but I'm hoping to train her to be more cuddly. of course, cat's aren't the MOST trainable so we shall see... I'm sorry that Mayday has been having UTI problems :(
    Congratulations on the lack of diabetes, and I'm really glad the girls are hanging out and doing well! We should have cheesecake to celebrate ;)


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