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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good - I've been out of bed for almost 7 hours now and no blood so far today!  Now I'm not going to declare the bleeding done with because my body listens and would punish me for such a statement, but I can declare a solid 6 hour break from bleeding has now occurred.  That's right body, no future predictions, only describing the past.  You can't do anything to jinx what has already happened!  I win this round!

The bad - headaches.  Arg.  Low to medium level of pain and it's becoming somewhat constant.  I hate taking pain relievers, but it's becoming necessary.

The ugly - pimples.  On the earlobe, the crease between my nose and cheek, on the chin, just sexy.  When my mom was pregnant with me, she had the mumps so I got a natural immunity to it.  It's too bad we can't give our kids an immunity to zits by taking them on ourselves when pregnant.

2 nights ago, I'm fairly certain I felt baby movement.  Some kind of solid thump thump thumps.  First time I was pretty confident that it wasn't a digestion function of some sort.  Still nothing definite, but it's creeping up on me.  I'm hoping that in the next week or so, it will become unquestionable, and somewhat consistent.


  1. Why does skin act up so badly during pregnancy?

    I'm an extreme movement skeptic, so it almost has to be big enough to feel from the outside before I'm convinced ;-).

  2. I could always tell right away when it was movement. That's probably because I don't feel movement in my gut anywhere except when pregnant, I guess.

    I'm not going to say anything about certain bodily fluids and your lady bits because I don't want it coming back. But Yeah! ;)

  3. Alex why didn't you tell me yesterday you were feeling so poorly. Thanks for listening to me though. I'm lucky to have such a good friend as you. Hope the bleeding stops soon.


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