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Sunday, May 22, 2011

We don't argue often, but...

I can probably count the number of actual arguments my hubby and I have had in our relationship on one hand.  But we had one today.

K's main source of a social life is performing in plays.  I totally get that.  My social life used to be the exact same thing.  There's an itch to perform when you haven't done it for a while.

But we're into the injection stage of our FET.  We're supposed to do a Lupron injection every day between 7-9pm according to the calendar our doctor gave us.  We've already had to change the schedule to after 10pm every night because on that first night K didn't get home from work until after 10pm. 

Rehearsals can run late.  And people go out for drinks after rehearsals sometimes.  And when K isn't home, I turn off the tv and dvr the shows that we like so we can watch them together later.  When he's in a show, I'm at home, alone all day, and all evening.  He'll get home around 5pm from work, grab a bite to eat, be back out the door by 6:30pm, and then get home again after 10pm.

I work from home on the rare occasion that I have work (it's starting to pick up again, yay!).  I don't have much of a social life, especially since my primary social outlet went bonkers and dumped me last November.  Honestly, I don't mind so much.  I don't have much of a social need. 

K is different, he's a very social person.  He does need that social outlet apart from work.  I get that, I really really do. 

But come on.  While we're baby making, I need his ass home.  I'm being chemically programmed to be depressed, lonely, frustrated, and cranky (damned Lupron) and actually being alone will make that a lot worse.  And once I am pregnant, I'm going to be terrified of needing to go to the hospital at any moment in time because the last time was such a surprise. 

We had a break in the baby making.  A period of time when we weren't doing IVF, we weren't pregnant, nothing to worry about.  And he did a show during that period.  It's not like it's been years or something since he's had a chance to scratch that itch, he just closed a show last week!

If we were capable of making a baby over the course of a single 15 minute round of romance, you can bet your ass I would have his full, 100% attention during that process.  Well, it takes us about 6 weeks.  And I need his full, 100% attention during the ENTIRE baby creation process.

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