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Friday, May 27, 2011


Did the suppression check today and we're cleared to continue with the FET attempt.

The doc was not happy to see that we have colds.  Said maybe we shouldn't continue since we aren't in optimum health. 

Doc, it's a cold.  It'll last another week at most.  And we're not transferring for another 3 weeks.  Dude, get over it.

Really not happy to have the doctor seem a little confused and the nurse remind him that we now do a 6 week program for FET's so yes, it's another three weeks until transfer.  All that does is prove to me that the doctor isn't prescribing the care but rather a new rule book is.

I used to be under the impression that the regimen was determined by my doctor.  His analysis of my body and what would work best for it.  But now it's pretty obvious that the regimen is predetermined by someone else (or a group of someone elses) and he follows what he is told by someone else who's never met me determines is what's best for me.  Either he is knowledgeable and can assign my care, or he's a drone trusting other peoples knowledge.  I used to think it was the former, now I believe it's the latter.

Even the little things have been made more difficult.  Like when I was done, I used to be able to get dressed and leave.  Now they make me checkout.  And to make it even more stupid, you don't even checkout at reception desk which would make sense, but rather you're told to wait in a random hallway outside of a woman's office while she deals with the person who got there ahead of you.  So a bunch of us are stacking up in this hallway, while a pregnant technician goes about her business through the place reminding us all of what we can't get on our own and when it's finally my turn, I just hand the woman the folder they gave me and she doesn't even need me for anything!  Ugh!  Couldn't someone have just dropped this off rather than make me stand here for 10 minutes as if we need to discuss something?  Stupid stupid stupid!

And to everyone who has a baby, keep that crying kid out of the friggin waiting room of a fertility clinic!  Really?  I mean really?  You bring a baby into an establishment that's designed to be populated by people who yearn for but can't have a baby???  In your mind, that's a GOOD idea??

I hate people.

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