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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Occupation: Mom

A few days ago, I finally used the massage gift certificate that K got me for Christmas.  Have I mentioned that he's awesome?  Consider it mentioned.

On the forms you fill out, it asks for your occupation.  I filled in "mom".

We've started putting in the new flooring in my office.  In so doing, we've decided to move my desk to the corner (right now it kind of sticks out in the middle) so that the room can become mostly a playroom for the girls.  With my desk in the corner, it will be easy to tuck computer cables away and out of baby hands.  We're probably going to move the love seat that currently serves no purpose into this room as well so the girls have a piece of furniture to hold on to for climbing up and walking practice.

One of the drawbacks of doing this is that it will reduce my home office deduction on my taxes.  My office currently takes up about 20% of the square footage of the house.  As a result, 20% of our utilities and stuff are tax deductible.  Well, when this room becomes a playroom, that means only the floor space of my desk and chair can be considered "work space" and it drops to about 5%.

It's time to face facts, I'm a mom.  I do video gigs here and there for pocket change, but my occupation is officially Mom.

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  1. Not such a bad occupation. When they get to school age you can take up your pottery again too.


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