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The chronicle of the journey from infertility, to miscarriage, to finally raising twin girls born in June 2012.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kiddo Copia

So here's my new and improved office.  There are still a couple of things to do to make it kid safe, but for the moment, the girls can only scoot an inch or two at a time, usually backwards, so there's no real rush.

There are some cables in the back that need to be covered and the outlet behind the blue thing needs to be covered, but we have plans for those, just haven't gotten to implementing them yet.  The blinds are being replaced by some short curtains that are currently in the nursery and I have some black out curtains to replace the short curtains.  For the time being, the cords for these blinds are gathered up in a tub and hangs from the top bar so the kids can't touch them.  

Going around the room starting from the left.  You can't really see it in the overall picture, but the front corner of the room has a cabinet that now stores things like boppies and baby carriers in the wardrobe portion, and various toys and spare blankets in the drawers.  We're going to bolt it to the wall, but it's pretty secure even free standing.  Those drawers are also difficult to pull out, but it won't be a major danger if the kids manage to get in them.

This is where we've moved the exersaucers.  Now the girls can play in them being able to see the TV.  Hanging above them are kid safe mirrors that won't hurt them if they are ripped off the wall.  The pink thing is a standard baby play gym that they've pretty much outgrown, but I'll keep it there so we can make a crawling tunnel by hanging a blanket over it.

You can see in the big picture, there's an additional exersaucer thingy but instead of sitting in the middle of it, there's a seat that goes around the outside so a kid can practice walking.  One of the ladies in my Moms of Multiples group recommended this toy for twins because you can set one twin in the seat and sit on the other side with the other twin so everyone can play together.  As they get bigger, the seat comes off and it's a standard toddler play table.

The loveseat serves several purposes.  I stuffed my old snoooooooogle under it so the girls can't get under there.  The mattress my brother gave me to go with the crib he gave me (thanks!) has seen better days so we bought a new one for sleeping and tossed the old one on it's side behind the couch to prevent climbing girls from falling behind it, and to prevent crawling girls from getting back there.  The couch also serves to:

1)  Give mama a place to sit comfortably with one while the other is playing.
2)  The girls need some form of furniture to grab onto and practice pulling themselves up, and walking.
3)  There's a whole lot of cables, routers, modems, etc being covered by it.
4)  I can sit on the couch with a girl on my lap to play with the table thingy.
5)  It makes the flimsy lamp very difficult to get to a pull over.

There's also a supply of rags for spit up and a laundry basket.  The gate you see goes from my desk to behind the couch covering all the cables from my computer equipment.

Then out of sight to the far right is my desk so I can continue to work and mama can watch the TV that's in the other room even though the girls can't.

The floor has been finished, but I have the mats down anyway because they have a little bit of traction as the girls are still having trouble getting mobile.  On the wood floor, they were sliding so I'm hoping the mats will make it a little easier.  And, ya know, softer than wood when falling down.

And that's the new Kiddo Copia play room!


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