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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Discombobulating again

The Middie Biddie
The Teeny Tiny
Quick note - I'm going to stop using the girls names on this blog and use monikers for them like I do with everyone else.  Yeah, there's lots of pictures and I'm already breaking all sorts of privacy boundaries, but as they get older, I'm just more comfortable using monikers instead of names.  So I hereby introduce you to.....

As everyone tells you, just when you get it figured out, the kids switch up the rules again.  I think they're going through a growth/development spurt.  So far, they've been really consistent with being awake for 90 minutes, hitting a wall where they suddenly become crabby or drowsy, then they go down for a nap that lasts 45-60 minutes.  Seriously, we notice the tired cues, say "how long have they been up?", look at our app for that and see that it's exactly 90 minutes.

Well, Sunday I took them out for a family breakfast and they stayed up for about 2 1/2 hours.  I figured they might take a long nap to compensate and then back on our regular schedule.  But they napped for a full 2 1/2 hours!  Not what I was expecting.  And that was their only nap of the day.

Yesterday, I set them down for their afternoon nap and they never went to sleep.  They were showing all the tired cues, they should have fallen asleep, but they just never did.  They kind of hung out together in their crib for about 45 minutes and got fussy.  I tried to soothe them hoping to still get a nap out of them but after another 45 minutes, we gave up.  So they were up from 1pm until about 7:30pm.  Everything just seems a bit out of whack lately and they're going through some sort of changes.

Our baby clothing drawer at the diaper changing station is now stuffed.  We still have our favorite 3 month sized stuff on the left for The Teeny Tiny, size 3-6 month in the middle for both of them, and size 6 month on the right for The Middie Biddie.  We're going through the last of our size 2 diapers, and then I think we'll be onto size 3 for both of them.  Better to have them be too big than too small.  I'm looking forward to Teeny Tiny matching her sisters clothing size again so we can just keep one pile in there for them to share.

They've been showing off new mannerisms and stuff for the last few days too.  The Teeny Tiny can officially roll over from back to front (stealing her sisters wubba during sleep times has been a great motivator for learning this skill).  Middie Biddie has started some new facial expressions, like cocking her head to the side with a coy little grin. She's also mastered the backwards scoot.  Both are started to rock on their hands and knees so as I said in an earlier post, crawling is imminent.

We took them to the pediatrician last week for a check in.  They needed some shots at 8 months and I requested a few minutes to discuss a few things with the doctor.  They are just still so little.  At 8 months, just now growing out of 3 month sized clothing!  They only drink about 18oz of milk every day along with their solid foods and everyone elses kids seem to drink more like 24-30oz.  They also aren't really sitting up and playing independently yet, they really prefer standing in their exersaucers, and I'm seeing other kids who are their adjusted age sitting up and playing with toys for a good amount of time and being fairly mobile.  The doctor said everything is great, they are right where they should be developmentally, their growth chart line is still tracking the way it's supposed to, the amount of milk is just fine, and the diet of solids we're giving them is right on the money of what we're supposed to be doing.  Okey dokey!

We're almost done with the floor in my office/soon to be playroom.  We have one more board to cut and snap into place, and a few pieces of molding to put in and we'll be finished.  Then it's just moving the furniture in, and littering the floor with all sorts of toys!


  1. It's funny how some babies are so punctual! I can basically set my watch by our babies' tired signs, too!

  2. Scheduling around their naps, when they are consistent times, is so much easier I bet.


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