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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No more hand holding

Well, we did it.  We set up a second crib and had the girls sleep by themselves.

They still fit just fine in one crib, but TTT has decided that bedtime is party time and she's rolling and kicking all over the place.  TMB still lies pretty still in her own little corner, just suckin on her wubba, but TTT has been stealing said wubba and is so active that we were afraid TMB would wake up with black eyes if they continued to share space.

TTT whined a little bit as she went to sleep last night.  She wasn't up to her usual bedtime gymnastics, probably because she no long had a sister to try to roll onto or a wubba to steal.  Without her sister there, she just wasn't as motivated to party.

I'm a little sad about splitting them up.  The end of an era.  But a lot of eras are destined to end as they grow up.  I'll need to get over being sad every time an era ends.

We also packed away all the 3m size clothing because they have finally both grown out of it.  Yup, only 8 1/2 months old and already in 3-6m clothing!  *headdesk*

TTT's gymnastics aren't limited to bedtime of course.  Changing her diaper is now quite the ordeal.  She twists and turns and the process can take upwards of 10 or 15 minutes as I try to diaper a moving target.  Yesterday she showed off a new trick and as I was holding a leg in the air, she rolled up onto her shoulder into a modified headstand.  TMB is the opposite.  She just sits there and holds her legs up for me.

We're still waiting to see if this cold that's threatening fully manifests itself.  They took a 2 hour nap today, don't feel like eating very much, and TMB is still having some phlegmy inhales.  So I have reason to believe they're going to get full blown sick over the next day or two, but I've predicted that before and have been wrong.

On a completely unrelated topic, I've been fighting with the insurance company to reimburse me for my breast pump rental.  They told me back in April that it would be fully covered as of August 1st.  Once I attempted to actually get reimbursed, they decided that I was eligible for reimbursement after January 1.  Guess who keeps notes of the conversations she has when she calls insurance companies!!!  I've been requesting that they listen to the recording of that phone call (yes, they can do this) and even though I may have been given the incorrect information, that's the information I was given and they are obligated to honor the promises given.

I found out why my most recent claim appeal was denied and it's the stupidest reason ever.  For any of you who may ever need to file a claim appeal with United Healthcare, here's a little secret.  If the first paragraph does not contain the sentence "This is an appeal" they will automatically deny the appeal regardless of the validity.  So make sure that's your first sentence if you ever need to file an appeal.

Jerks don't know who they be messing with.  I don't give up and walk away.  If I have a legitimate claim, I will continue hounding until it's paid, or until they have spent that money in hourly wages of their representatives dealing with me as I pile follow up phone call on top of follow up phone call.  It's a lot cheaper just to pay the damned claims.


  1. Wowow it's amazing you lasted so long in one crib! We switched to two cribs once they started getting too tall to fit side-by-side width-wise in the crib because I didn't know how to fit them in comfortably and knew it would come to an end sooner or later anyway. It's great that you're able to have them side by side even if they can't be together. I'm sure they will get used to it and then they can start whispering through the bars haha.

    1. Well, that's the thing, they do still fit side by side width wise. I really have tiny children.

  2. I hate dealing with insurance claims. It recently took me from September until mid February to get my Tens unit fixed. I never received the battery recall notice. Not my fault if the mail loses the paper. Still yeah I agree with you, keep after them.

  3. I have to give my daughter a sock or something to play with whilst I'm changing her. She loves to roll over at any opportunity, which can make for a pooey time 
    As for the looming colds, could they be cutting some more teeth? My d is starting to cut her top ones and the inevitable sniffles/drool/cold always accompanies it.


    1. They both just cut their four top teeth a week or two ago. In fact, TTT has a scab below the outside of her lip and inside of it because we think she must have bitten herself really hard with her new big front tooth. I say they may be getting sick because my mother babysat last week and then came down with a nasty virus. So she was with them during her contagious time. And TMB has a congested inhale that we're keeping an eye on.

      I'll try giving TTT a toy tomorrow and see if that holds her still. Thanks for the suggestion!


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