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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things are showing up in my house

We are starting to receive some hand me downs and it's awesome!  I don't even remember bringing a bunch of this stuff into the house, but it just seems to be magically appearing.

And K is partially to blame for that.  He doesn't advertise what he's doing, but he's nesting too, in his own way.  I'm accustomed to having to do all the planning and thinking kind of stuff (paying bills, organizing, stuff like that) whereas he tends to do the more tangible, in your face stuff that needs to get done (like dishes, or laundry).  I just assumed that making lists of baby stuff that we needed and doing the research on products would be my territory.  Stuff like that usually is.

I did ask him to please make all diaper decisions though.  Deciding on what kind of diapers to go with, brands, styles, argh!  Really overwhelming!  Since he's going to be the main diaper man, I decided that he should be the one to determine what he wanted to try, and what would be most cost effective.  I'm taking care of all other categories, but that one is his.

But I digress.  Anyway, he usually hangs out with our kindle in the evenings.  And it's attached to my amazon account.  So I'm finding random items mysteriously being added to our baby registry.  Sneaky little bugger!

And today, I went into our snack cupboard and randomly found that two containers of organic rice cereal something or other have appeared.

Don't let the canned tomatoes fool you, that really is our junk food cabinet.  But some healthy canned food overflowed from our canned veggie cabinet and needed a temporary place to be.

Anyway, what?  When did he get this?  And why exactly?  Ok, so it doesn't expire for a year, and we'll probably use it when we start introducing solid foods, but why is he buying this stuff now?  Last time, he bought outlet covers and cabinet locks when I was only 2 months along.

It must have been on sale really cheap or something.  He's frugal like that.  So, I just have a bit of a question mark on my face, but okey dokey!  He's helping!

Yesterday was my grandmothers 100th birthday party.  Yay!  Lots of relatives!  Totally overwhelming for this introvert!  I actually had a couple of cramps that made me a little nervous and I had some brown goo discharge this morning so I guess I overdid it a bit yesterday.  I'm not sure how exactly.  I sat with Grandma for a few minutes, and then pretty much sat a table having the men in my life (hubby, my brother, etc) bring me food and water for a couple of hours.  But I was absolutely pooped when I got home.

One of my cousins brought several boxes of hand me downs for us so that's awesome!  And my brother said he's got a ton more.

So here are some other things that have now appeared in my house.

Pack and Play Grande!  Will likely live at my parents house.
Pack and Play Normal Sized.

Kickass rocker set.

Ok, this one has a variety of things in it.  The two boxes are clothing sizes 12mo and up.  The bottom shelf is clothing size 6-12 months.  I have a couple more bags of clothes to go through and I'm hoping to fill in those newborn and 3 month shelves a little bit.

The top shelf is stuff that I don't know what it is exactly.  I'll have my friend who already has kids come over and identify stuff I guess.  I think those pepper grinder thingies are food mashers.  There's a few pairs of what seem to be vinyl underwear.  I guess those go over diapers so the diapers aren't so ugly?  Or for catching leaks?  And a piece of white fabric with snaps on either side, it's about 2 inches long.  I guess that's a onesie extender?  So that when your kid outgrows the crotch of their clothes, you make them last longer by giving them a couple extra inches in the crotch? I'm just guessing here at what these things actually are.

Random items for kids of walking and eating solid foods age.

Those signs say Infant Toys, Bibs, and Hoodie Towels
Ok, and I think this is somewhat brilliant.  We have this stupid wet bar in our house.  We don't drink.  I've kind of turned it into a coffee station but I think last night I realized what we can actually use it for.  It's going to be a diapering station!  Check it out - 

There's room on either side for 2 parents to each be working with one child.  The sink is right there for tossing cloth diapers for a quick rinse.  There are drawers already there for holding various diapering supplies, and a garbage can under the sink for disposable diapers.  And we never really use that surface for any food prep so no ick factor there.

Whaddya think?  Am I brilliant?


  1. That changing station is a great idea! Hand me downs are awesome!

  2. This is great! Almost all our friends and family are still in te middle of baby making so I don't know how much hand-me-down stuff we're going to get, unfortunately. What a gold mine!

    Also let me know what kind of diapers you are thinking of using... I was looking at diapers the other day and it looks like for 2 babies you could easily end up spending $200+/month just on diapers (at least at first when they are pooping 8-12 times a day). That's a lot!

  3. Love the changing station. Did you know that you can get a sprayer that attaches to the toilet for the cloth diapers?


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